Earn money by referring new investors to Seedrs

This scheme is currently only available for those who have actively used the scheme prior to 1 October 2018. To see if you have qualified for our current scheme please visit;


If you refer a new investor (in the EU, EEA or CH), we will pay you 50% of the fees we charge to the business on any investments the investor makes over the next two years.

Getting started

To start earning referral fees your unique referral code or follow link must be associated with the referred investor’s account when they join Seedrs. You can find your referral code or follow link under your profile when signed in to Seedrs.

The funds will be automatically deposited into your Seedrs account when an investment the referred investor has made closes, and you can either invest them or withdraw them at any time.


Pay it forward

If you would like your referral fees to be paid to the investors you refer, rather than to you, you are welcome to do so. All you need to do is indicate this preference in your profile.

For more information and the full terms of our referral fees, please see our Referral Fee Terms.

You can also refer new businesses to raise funds on Seedrs

It’s simple to refer an amazing business to Seedrs as a Seedrs partner. Join our partner network and introduce businesses to Seedrs.

And Seedrs investors can refer businesses looking to raise funding on Seedrs too: please contact us to get the ball rolling.

Finally, Alumni businesses can refer fellow founders looking to raise funding to us by logging in to your Alumni Club dashboard.

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