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Seedrs Acquires Junction; Will Expand to U.S.

30 October 2014

Seedrs is pleased to announce that we have just acquired Junction Investments, a California-based online investment platform, and we are going to use this acquisition to expand to the United States.
Adam Kaufman and Brian Goldsmith, the founders of Junction, are joining the Seedrs team as Co-Heads of Seedrs America. We are very much looking forward to working together with them as we drive forward this next phase of Seedrs’s growth.
You can find more information about the transaction and our expansion plans on our blog.

Chapel Down to Raise Investment Through Seedrs

08 September 2014

Chapel Down, the market leader in English wines, announced that it is set to raise a minimum of £1m through crowdfunding in conjunction with Seedrs.  This campaign represents an important milestone in the evolution of the equity capital markets as it is the first time a listed company has offered its shares through an equity crowdfunding platform. This is in addition to an initial placing of £0.67m with institutional and high net worth investors on the same terms.


The new funds will be used to enable Chapel Down to satisfy the ever increasing demand for its award winning products.  Funds will be used to plant more vines, build a new winery, construct new distribution and storage facilities, build a brewery and a visitor attraction and extend the hospitality at the headquarters
in Tenterden. 


For investors, this is an opportunity to invest in a profitable and fast-growing English winemaker, a business with solid tangible assets that is creating more jobs in this country, and is passionate about what it does. In addition, investors who are UK taxpayers may be eligible for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax relief. With EIS, investors may be able to claim back up to 30% of their investment back in income tax relief and will pay not capital gains tax (CGT) on any gains they make if they sell their shares.  


Frazer Thompson, CEO of Chapel Down said:

“At Chapel Down we pride ourselves in having products that are not only world class in terms of award-winning quality, but are unique, distinctive, good value, and made in England by a passionate company that invests in its people, its land and its community.  

“We want to provide an opportunity for our customers to be able to share in the success of our company. That’s why I am delighted to announce the launch of our crowdfunding offer with Seedrs which launches today. Using this innovative platform provides an opportunity for the thousands of passionate people who love Chapel Down to invest in our business and help secure our future success, as well as enjoy some terrific benefits that come with being a shareholder. 

“With new long term land leases securing an additional 387 acres of land for new vineyards, coupled with the prospect of an outstanding 2014 harvest we are more confident and more excited about the future of Chapel Down than ever.” 

Jeff Lynn, CEO of Seedrs said:

“We are proud that such an iconic, successful and passionate business, leading the way for UK wine making, has chosen to raise funds on Seedrs, and in doing so bringing the opportunity to investors and customers. 

“This is a very appealing opportunity for investors and customers alike, and with the benefits of EIS and the 33% discount on wine and beer that is available for a modest investment of £560, we expect this campaign to be snapped up quickly.  

This is yet another landmark campaign for equity crowdfunding worldwide, and it is great that it is a UK-based crowdfunding platform and an English winemaker that is making it happen.”

Visit the campaign page to learn more.

Seedrs wins The Great British Startups Cup 2014

11 August 2014

While much of the world’s attention was focused on a certain football competition in Brazil this summer, the folks over at startups.co.uk held their own contest in the form of The Great British Startups Cup 2014. The cup pitted 32 of Britain’s best known high-growth startups against each other in a series of “matches,” with prominent entrepreneurs and angels judging their relative merits.

At group stage Seedrs drew the tough “alternative finance” group, but we managed to prevail over worthy peers including MarketInvoice and Platform Black. As we moved to the knockout stage, we found ourselves matched against more amazing businesses - including Blaze, DesignMyNight and Beer 52 - but despite the tough competition, we kept advancing. At last we met the legendary YPlan in the final, and while it was a close-run thing, we were thrilled to emerge as the victors in the end.

The contest was all a good bit of fun and light relief, and we were honoured just to be included among such a great group of businesses. You can see more information on the Startups Cup here, and for a play-by-play of the final, click here.

Seedrs brings Silicon Valley to equity crowdfunding

09 July 2014

We've just launched the first ever ‘convertible’ equity crowd investment round. The round is for Future Ad Labs, a fast-growing advertising technology startup that is already backed by some of Europe’s leading venture capital firms.

The convertible will allow investors to invest in Future Ad Labs today, with their investment converting into shares in the future at a discount on the future valuation. This means that Seedrs investors will receive more shares for their money than future investors.

Convertibles are very popular among startups and investors in Silicon Valley. They offer a way to raise and invest money now, while deferring the need to place a value on the company until some time in the future. This can be particularly useful when a startup is looking to raise large venture capital funding in the near future, but doesn’t want a valuation placed on their company now which may affect those negotiations.

Following the launch of convertibles, investors can now use Seedrs to invest in the equity of high-growth businesses in three different ways. In addition to straight equity campaigns, Seedrs has now pioneered the use of fund campaigns and convertibles. 

Milestone for crowdfunding as major venture capital firm invests with the crowds

12 May 2014

In a significant boost for the fast-growing crowdfunding space, a major venture capital firm has joined together with the crowds to invest in a dynamic new startup. 

Faber Ventures, a European venture capital firm, is investing £180,000 out of the £250,000 being sought by Maily, a Brussels-based, Seedcamp-backed startup that provides safe, fun and simple email for young children. The crowd were invited to invest alongside the venture capital investment and have already expressed impressive interest by investing over £90,000. The crowds’ investment will be at the same valuation as Faber’s.

Faber first discovered Maily during Maily’s initial Seedrs campaign in March 2014. Faber approached Maily and, following discussions, offered to invest £180,000 if Maily would increase its target to £250,000 – so they did. Maily intends to use the additional capital to accelerate growth more rapidly than it originally planned.

As equity crowdfunding becomes an increasingly sought-after option both for startups and for investors, Maily’s campaign appears to represent several significant firsts, including:

   -  the first time that a major venture capital firm has sourced an investment through a crowdfunding      
   -  the first time that a major venture capital firm has made an investment alongside the crowds; and
   -  the first time that the crowds, a top accelerator (Seedcamp) and a major venture capital firm have all
      backed a startup at its earliest stages.

Critical to the success of this transaction is the nominee structure Seedrs uses. Faber has made clear that this investment is viable only because Seedrs acts as the sole legal shareholder on behalf of the crowds. Had Faber been required to coordinate individually with every investor, as would have been the case on a crowdfunding platform that does not act as nominee, the administration would have been too overwhelming, and Faber would have required Maily to choose between it and the crowds.

Former Investment Chief Joins Seedrs Advisory Board

12 May 2014

Having become the first equity crowdfunding platform to operate throughout Europe in November 2013, we’re now looking at accelerating our growth with the addition of former chief executive of T Rowe Price Global Investment Services, Todd Ruppert to our advisory board.

Todd played a key role in transforming T Rowe Price into a global business with more than $600 billion under management as chief executive. Since his retirement in 2012, Todd has been actively involved in many organisations and is currently serving as chief executive of RTR International, venture partner of Greenspring Associates, member of the INSEAD board of trustees, a founding member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme in the US, president of the Royal Parks Foundation in the US and co-producer in the current tour of Happy Days – A New Musical.

“I have an enormous appetite to pursue a lot of different, intellectually challenging things on a global scale,” Todd claims. “I am just passionate about stuff – different, disruptive organisations that are looking to revolutionise the way things are done. I honestly believe Seedrs is one of those organisations and I’m looking forward to seeing how I can be a part of their long-term vision and help drive their rapid growth.”

“Todd Ruppert has the right blend of professional integrity, strategic business acumen and, quite frankly, a fantastic personality that are all a great fit with Seedrs and our aspirations,” says Seedrs CEO and co-founder Jeff Lynn. “He really complements and completes our stellar board of advisors.”

Mr. Ruppert joins an already prestigious board of advisors that includes: UK Business Angel of the Year (2012) and Non-Executive Director of BIS, Dale Murray; European Editor of TechCrunch, Mike Butcher; fin-tech pioneer and co-founder of Zopa, James Alexander; and Member of the House of Lords and Editor of the Good Schools Guide, Ralph, Lord Lucas.  

Seedrs closes record breaking £2.58 million crowdfunding round

08 February 2014

Equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs has closed its self-hosted crowdfunding round, securing a record-breaking £2.58 million to support its growth into Europe. 

The London-based business, which provides a platform for ordinary people to invest in early-stage startup businesses in return for equity, received almost three-and-a-half times its original target from 909 investors, in return for 33.3 per cent equity.

The campaign, which launched in November 2013, has set a new world record for investment raised through an equity crowdfunding platform. It coincided with the company’s new position as the first fully pan-European equity crowdfunding service.

Jeff Lynn, chief executive and co-founder of Seedrs, said: “The response to our campaign was phenomenal. It was overwhelming enough to have reached our investment target in such a short amount of time, but to have achieved almost four-times the investment backing we sought, from our own community and beyond, is astonishing. We see this as a tremendous validation of both our model and our business and we want to thank everyone who has invested for joining us on our journey.”

Everyone from ordinary investors to business angels who see the potential for equity crowdfunding to disrupt traditional financial services now have a small stake in the industry that experts predict could be worth an estimated $300B (£125B, €220B).

Seedrs already has more than 30,000 registered members on its books, who can back businesses with as little as £10, and it has funded 60 deals since its launch in July 2012. The company has seen an annualised growth rate of 836%.

Seedrs allows entrepreneurs to raise seed capital for their startup business in return for giving an equity stake to investors. Unlike rewards-based crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, in which funders receive rewards but not equity stakes, Seedrs investors share in the potential success of the businesses they back.

The site is Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, averaging over three deals per month since launch compared to its closest competitor’s two deals per month. It was also the first equity crowdfunding platform to receive regulatory approval from a financial regulator, the UK’s Financial Services Authority.

Seedrs was recently named in the Silicon Valley Comes to the UK’s “Top 100 Club” of businesses with the potential to generate £100 million in annual revenues in three to five years’ time. And just this month, Seedrs was the only equity crowdfunding player included in the ICON 2014 FinTech 50. In September 2013, Seedrs launched the world’s first-ever crowdfunding “fund”.

Lancashire County Council invests in a local business through Seedrs

29 October 2013

For the first time ever, a British county council is investing in a local startup business through equity crowdfunding. Lancashire County Council is investing in Lancashire-based ‘Haystack’, a new search tool which will enable people to discover and follow new, underground music and artists, through Seedrs. The move to support local businesses this way marks another significant step in the coming of age of Seedrs and online crowd investing, as this is the first time public funds have been used to support businesses in this way.

Seedrs CEO and co-founder, Jeff Lynn, said, “To be the first ever equity crowdfunding platform to have received an investment of public funds through a branch of Government is a big vote of confidence for both equity crowdfunding as a concept and Seedrs as a leading platform. We hope that Lancashire will be the first of many county councils and other government departments that will embrace this very direct and transparent way to support local startup businesses that can make such a key contribution to economic growth.”   

'Happy Days' for small-time investors as big-time musical turns to crowdfunding

18 October 2013

Investors are being invited to back a musical version of Happy Days, the classic American sitcom touring the UK from January 2014, through Seedrs. This is the world's first equity crowdfunding campaign for a major theatre production.

Todd Ruppert, chief executive of RTR International and a co-producer of the show, said: “Investing in theatre productions is normally reserved for the wealthy. With this show, we wanted to give everyone the chance to be a part of what we believe can be a big hit. We’re sure that all audiences will love the musical, but those who have backed it financially will enjoy it even more – they’ll have helped make the production happen.” 

Jeff Lynn, chief executive of Seedrs, said: “We’re delighted this hugely exciting business is raising finance on our platform. The term ‘angel investor’ originally comes from the theatre, where it was used to describe wealthy individuals who provided money for theatrical productions. With the Happy Days musical, we’re allowing ordinary investors to back - and potentially receive returns from - an exciting new show. And as an avid theatre fan myself, I am personally looking forward to having the chance to own a small part of this production.”

Check out the campaign by visiting: http://www.seedrs.com/startups/happy-days

Seedrs launches industry’s first ever crowd investment ‘fund’

06 October 2013

Seedrs has launched the first-ever crowd investment ‘fund’ which offers UK investors the chance to take a stake in 10 companies with a single investment.

Everyone from first-time investors to established angel investors are able to back a carefully selected group of entrepreneurs all aiming to build the next internet giant – diversifying the inherent risks of backing new web startups in the process. The 10 startups will be participants in a soon-to-launch incubator for internet-based tech companies called WebStart Bristol.

WebStart Bristol will give the startups 10 weeks of intensive mentoring in areas such as product development, finance and marketing as well as free IT and office facilities to ensure the businesses can make the best use of the Seedrs backing to grow their businesses. 

Investors through Seedrs are invited to invest a combined £150,000 across the 10 SEIS-eligible companies going through the WebStart Bristol scheme, which begins in January 2014. 

Check out the investment campaign page or learn more over on TechCrunch.

Seedrs Sees Over 600% Annualised Growth

02 October 2013

Twelve campaigns raised just over £850,000 through Seedrs during Q3 2013, setting a record both for the number of successful campaigns and the amount funded in a quarter. Looking back at our first five quarters of trading, we’ve seen an annualised growth rate of over 600%!

Stealth Round Takes Us Over £2 Million Invested

26 September 2013

A stealth, London-based startup has just raised £150,000 through a private Seedrs round, becoming our 37th funded campaign since launch and taking us beyond the £2 million invested mark.

The startup attracted the attention of an angel syndicate to invest in their company offline, but the investors saw Seedrs as a more cost-effective, time-saving route for making their investment. So rather than taking on the due diligence, legal and administrative burdens themselves, the angel group instead asked the startup to list on Seedrs privately, using us to handle the work and hold the shares as nominee. 

This campaign follows an impressive group of successes this month, including:
  • Microcosm - Raised £100,000 in a record-breaking 2.5 hours! Microcosm is a platform that hosts discussion forums, bulletin boards and communities.
  • goCarShare - This Wayra startup is creating a new form of social travel that connects like-minded people, enabling them to share journeys and save money in a fun, sustainable way. They raised £50,000.
  • CrowdCanDo - The international event management, online ticketing and crowdfunding platform raised £22,000.

Seedrs Invited to Join Accelerate 250

26 June 2013

Seedrs is proud to have been identified as one of the UK's top 250 businesses and has been invited to join the Accelerate 250. Members of the group were selected by Lord Young and Sir Terry Leahy for representing the UK's fastest growing small and medium businesses creating more than half the nation’s new jobs – coined the "vital six per cent."  

Members of the Accelerate 250 come from across the UK and represent industries from food and fashion, to pharmaceuticals and finance. The group has been tasked with working together to address key issues facing entrepreneurs and startups as they grow during a series of interactive discussions and debates. The inaugural meeting of the Accelerate 250 will convene at the Accelerate 2013 festival in Liverpool on 27 June. 

As part of the event, Seedrs CEO, Jeff Lynn, has been invited to participate in an afternoon funding panel chaired by Robert Peston (BBC News Business Editor) alongside Ed Wray (Betfair), Marcus Stuttard (head of AIM) and Dale Murray (award-winning angel investor). 

We’re proud to have been invited to join such a distinguished community of business leaders and look forward to taking part in the discussions around growth of UK businesses.

£1 Million Invested After Only 9 Months

12 April 2013

Today, we exceeded £1 million invested into 21 UK-based startups. After only nine months, that makes Seedrs the fastest growing equity crowdfunding platform in the world.

In fact, in the last three months alone, more than £700,000 has been invested into startups from industries ranging from internet security and manufacturing, to digital tech, fashion and mobile apps. A Northern Irish startup, Mikes Fancy Cheese, pushed us over the £1 million mark by completing their £80,000 round.

We’re excited to see that so many fantastic entrepreneurs have received input, validation and investment from so many investors who are keen to be a part of their growth and success.

Seedrs Honoured with Placement on 2013 FinTech50 Watchlist

15 March 2013

Today, Seedrs has been placed on the 2013 FinTech50 Watchlist, a shortlist of fifty companies throughout Europe that are redefining financial services through technological innovation. The List, a collaborative project by The CEO Agenda, ICON Corporate Finance, Hotwire, Silicon Valley Bank and Fox Williams, is the first of an annual endeavour to track one of the fastest moving sectors in technology.

The inaugural FinTech50 Watchlist is based on the expertise of the Watchlist Panel, ten industry leaders from across the financial services and technology industry. The panel convened at the end of 2012 to debate and select the top companies that demonstrate the potential to become a game-changer in fintech or the competitive staying power to continue being one.

Learn more about the FinTech50 Watchlist and other companies that made the list at fintech50watchlist.com.

Seedrs Joins UK Crowdfunding Association as a Founding Member

15 March 2013

Seedrs is pleased to announce that it is a founding member of the UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA) a group of 12 UK-based crowdfunding platforms launched this week. The aims of the UKCFA are to:

   -  Promote crowdfunding as a valuable and viable way for UK businesses, projects or ventures to raise funds.
   -  Be the voice of all crowdfunding businesses in the UK (donations, loans and equity) to the public, press and policymakers.
   -  Publish a code of practice that is adopted by UK crowdfunding businesses, that protects those participating in crowdfunding.

‘Crowdfunding’ is a broad term, and membership reflects this with members from rewards-based, peer-to-peer and equity-based crowdfunding platforms (like Seedrs).

Carlos Silva, President, COO and co-founder of Seedrs, says, “Seedrs is a founding member of the UKCFA because we ourselves are committed to promote market confidence in the crowdfunding sector. Our view is that crowdfunding is only sustainable if platforms ensure that donors, lenders and investors are treated fairly and that we all behave in the most transparent way possible. The UKCFA code of conduct provides a minimum set of principles that contributes to safeguarding all parties involved, regardless of whether the platform in question is donations based, which has virtually no outside regulation, or equity based, which is regulated by the FSA.“

For more information on the UKCFA, including a full list of members, please visit ukcfa.org.uk.

Seedrs Announces World-Class Advisory Board

01 March 2013

We are pleased to announce our newly appointed Advisory Board made up of four world-class individuals with impressive, highly relevant backgrounds. 
  • James Alexander, co-founder of Zopa and partner at The Foundation. Full bio.
  • Mike Butcher, European Editor of TechCrunch. Full bio
  • Lord Lucas, Member of the House of Lords and Chief Editor of The Good Schools Guide. Full bio.
  • Dale Murray, British Angel Investor of the Year 2011, Non-Executive Director of UK Government’s Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). Full bio.
We are looking forward to working with this great group of advisors, and we hope you share our enthusiasm for what they'll bring to Seedrs.

Seedrs CEO Appointed Non-Executive Director of Companies House

27 February 2013

Companies House, the UK’s central registrar for company filings, has appointed Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, to its Board as a Non-Executive Director. The appointment, made by the Rt. Hon. Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, came following an extensive nationwide search.  

Mr Lynn is excited about the opportunity to bring the perspective of the small business community to the Companies House Board. He also looks forward to working with the Companies House team as they implement their ambitious and forward-thinking plans for digital innovation within the organisation. 

Cash-Back Investor Referral Programme

19 December 2012

Many Seedrs members tell their friends, family and colleagues about Seedrs, and we want to make sure they are properly rewarded when bringing new investors to the platform. So we’ve created a referral programme whereby every Seedrs member who refers an investor (using a unique referral link) will receive promotional funds. 

We think this is the most generous referral scheme any online investment platform has ever offered, and we hope all users will take advantage of it to continue sharing the Seedrs love. 

Read more about the referral programme and other recent developments. Or, sign-up to start referring your
own network today.

Increasing mainstream acceptance of Seedrs and equity crowdfunding

06 December 2012

Seedrs, the UK’s first FSA regulated online platform for investing in startups, has this week become the first crowdfunding platform to be granted membership of the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA). Read more about the partnership on the UKBAA website.

Separately Jeff Lynn, Seedrs’s CEO, was also invited to a meeting at Buckingham Palace with HRH The Duke of York on Tuesday to discuss how he could help support the growth of Seedrs and other crowdfunding platforms to inject new life into the UK economy. Read more from the Huffington Post.

These two significant events follow Seedrs’s best month since it launched in the summer. Four new startup businesses gained the investment they were seeking, with one raising £50,000 from over 60 investors in less-than 15 hours, and another attracting a £51,000 investment from a single angel investor alongside more modest sums from smaller investors.

Seedrs selected as a SMARTA 100 award winner

09 October 2012

Seedrs has been nominated into the 2012 SMARTA 100 - an annual awards celebration of the 100 most resourceful, original, exciting and disuptive businesses in the UK. View the list of winners here.

We're thrilled to have been included in the final list, which was judged by a prestigious panel, including: Theo Paphitis (Dragon's Den), Mike Soutar (Shortlist Media), Ian Walters (NatWest), and Kanya King (MOBO Organisation).

The public is now invited to vote for their overall favourite of the 100 winners to the SMARTA 100 "Business of the Year." We'd really appreciate a vote for Seedrs - vote here now.

Windows of Opportunity - Spreading the Word About SEIS

28 September 2012

Not enough people are shouting out about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), which offers tax reliefs of up to 78% back on investments in startups. Seedrs has a sizable concentration of SEIS eligible startups looking for investment online, which means it is easier than ever for potential investors to take advantage of.

So, we've partnered with enterprise champion and School for Startups founder, Doug Richard, to create 10,000 new investors (who are as excited about SEIS as we are) during a series of free investment events throughout England this October and November.

The “Windows of Opportunity" roadshow seeks to draw public attention to the benefits of SEIS for potential investors. The tour will travel to nine cities and we’d love to see you there!

Learn more about the events, find the location nearest you and register for free at the Windows of Opportunity Website.

Driving social discussion of startup investing with PeerIndex

13 September 2012

Seedrs is looking to drive conversation and advocacy on the social web through a social influence marketing campaign with PeerIndex.  

The campaign, which launches on 13 September (today), will see PeerIndex offering up to 100 UK social media users with influence on technology and financial services £100 to invest in startups. Users will be invited to log into a dedicated microsite, where the first 100 eligible influencers being given £100 to directly invest in the startups they choose through Seedrs.

PeerIndex is a social influence marketing platform, connecting companies with individuals on social media who have influence in their specialist area. The company’s technology assesses social media profiles to identify people with influence on specific topics. It then facilitates a sampling interaction between companies and influential individuals, giving consumers an experience which they can then share with their online network.

By identifying individuals with significant influence on technology and investing , the campaign aims to drive new investment participation alongside online social discussion of the Seedrs proposition among influential mavens. 

The Seedrs campaign is the first time that social influence marketing has been used to drive interest in an investment platform.  

Stellar First Month for Seedrs

06 August 2012

We’re thrilled to announce we’re off to a flying start, with three startup businesses successfully funded in our first month of operation. This success represents - by far - the most successful start of any equity crowdfunding platform anywhere in the world.

Startups listed on Seedrs are each given a three-month period to raise the initial seed capital they are seeking, but three businesses have achieved it in less than a month! They are:

Digital Spin - a London-based startup that is “pioneering a new age of CAPTCHAs that are engaging, simple and secure”. Digital Spin raised £60,000 for a 15% equity share of the company. More information about Digital Spin is available at www.digital-spin.com.

PlayBrighter - a Wales-based startup that makes games “to help teachers teach, and to help pupils learn”. PlayBrighter raised £30,000 for an 8% equity share of the company. More information about PlayBrighter is available at www.playbrighter.com.

Satago - an Oxford-based startup that provides “crowd-sourced data about how late or early business customers pay their bills”. Satago raised £30,000 for a 14% equity share of the company. Satago does not yet have an active website, but interested users can sign up for updates at www.satago.net.

There are a growing number of additional startups following on the heels of these first three, with one already past 70% of its target amount. Over 3,000 people have now signed up to Seedrs as investors and entrepreneurs, and scores of new startups are queuing to list on the platform.

Read a bit more behind our opening month in our press release or catch a few other bits of data in this TechCrunch article.

First Seedrs Listing Reached Investment Target After Only 11 Days!

26 July 2012

We are thrilled to announce that our first startup listing has reached 100% of its investment target after only 11 days live. PlayBrighter, an educational games company based in Brecon, Wales, received the full £30,000 it was seeking by mid-afternoon on 17 July.

PlayBrighter allows teachers to choose the best games for a lesson (with a current library of about 19,000 questions and growing) and the students progress through each game by getting material correct. The young co-founders are former teachers – so they sympathise with teachers not wanting to spend evening time marking coursework. Since their games are online, marking is done automatically - undoubtedly saving teachers time - allowing them to develop better, more engaging lessons!

All investors’ withdrawal rights have now expired, so we’ll proceed with all of the legal due-diligence and paperwork to finalise the investment over the coming weeks.

We are so pleased for and proud of PlayBrighter – great work guys!

Seedrs Named One of East London’s Hottest Tech Startups

20 July 2012

We are honoured to have been named one of East-London’s “20 Hottest Tech Startups” by The Guardian this month. And, we’re in great company, being featured along with other great “financial technology” (fintech) companies, including: MarketInvoice, TransferWise and GoCardless.

Voting was conducted by a distinguished panel, which included: Adam Valkin Venture partner at Accel Partners; Colette Ballou, President of Ballou PR; Dan Crow, Chief technology officer at Songkick.com; Jon Bradford, Co-founder of Springboard, a start-up accelerator; Reshma Sohoni, Partner at Seedcamp, a start-up investor; Tom Hulme, Design director IDEO and angel investor; Eileen Burbidge, Partner at Passion Capital; and Sean Seton-Rogers, Partner at PROfounders Capital.

What a great way to kick-off our launch month! Thanks to all the judges!

Seedrs is Open to Investors and Entrepreneurs

06 July 2012

We are proud to announce that as of today, we’re live and ready to accept registrations from UK investors and entrepreneurs.

Our launch is the culmination of a lot of hard work to build a service that we are confident will transform the ability of great new businesses to get off the ground, backed by enthusiastic investors keen to participate in their potential success.

As people in Britain look for more tangible, rewarding, places to invest their money, beyond conventional financial institutions, the launch of Seedrs today is particularly timely.

By developing a regulated platform where people can enjoy the process of picking and choosing the businesses and people they want to invest in, we aim to enhance the already palpable enthusiasm the people of Britain feel for supporting the inspiring ideas and business talent this country has.

Sign up today to be a part of the excitement, a part of a revolution.

Certified Halo: Campaigning for SEIS

19 June 2012

Keen to increase promotion efforts for the Government’s incredibly appealing Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS),which provides income and capital gains tax reliefs of up to 78%, a few London-based startups thought they’d take things into their own hands by establishing the Certified Halo campaign.

The campaign, spear-headed by Wigwamm founder Rayhan Rafiq Omar, seeks to build awareness of startup tax reliefs - as well as startups as a highly appealing asset class - among London’s financial services community.

We are proud to be a sponsor of these efforts and to help spread the word. Aimed at seed-stage businesses, Seedrs looks to have a large concentration of SEIS eligible companies listed to raise capital – a great, one-stop-shop for investors looking to take advantage of the reliefs.

If you’d like to learn more about SEIS or investing in startups, contact your professional tax advisor. You can also find highlights of SEIS and its sister relief, the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), in a recent blog post.

Seedrs Completes £1 Million Fundraising Round

22 May 2012

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just completed the second of two tranches of a £1 million fundraising round. The investment round included DFJ Esprit, Digital Prophets (backed by Luke Johnson and managed by the investors behind 1seed) and a number of angel investors from leading technical and financial backgrounds.

In connection with the round, two leading angels join as board observers: Mark Hunter, co-founder and CEO of Axon Group plc, which floated on the LSE in 1999 and was sold to HCL Technologies for £440 million in 2008; and Kayar Raghavan, a former Citi executive and senior advisor to Wipro Technologies.

Seedrs is Now on the FSA Register

22 May 2012

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) approved our application in March 2012, but as we announced at the time, there were a few more technicalities to go through before full authorisation. We're pleased to announce that those technicalities are now complete, and Seedrs is authorised and on the FSA Register. We believe that working within the current financial regulations is a big deal, not least of which because it helps protect investors. To read more about our approach to financial regulation, read a recent blog post by our CEO, Jeff Lynn.

TNW 2012

30 April 2012

Our team showcased the Seedrs platform to hundreds (if not thousands, we lost count!) of participants at the 7th annual The NextWeb Conference in Amsterdam on 26-27 April. The NextWeb is one of the largest technology publications on the web, and the conference aimed to deliver inspiring content and facilitate face-to-face connections - and it definitely did that. It was a great opportunity for us to learn a bit more about the European startup scene, listen to some inspiring keynote visionaries, network with potential partners and encourage registration on the platform by interested attendees. And most importantly, we were thrilled at the demand for a platform like ours from entrepreneurs and investors from throughout Europe!

InnoTech Summit and the Investor Side of Startup Funding

13 April 2012

Discussions about startup funding often focus on the entrepreneur and how to raise capital. But that’s only half the equation, and at Seedrs we like to talk about not just the benefits of raising capital but also of investing it. At today’s InnoTech Summit in London, Seedrs CEO Jeff Lynn did just that, giving a presentation about the reasons why investing in startups can be appealing and how Seedrs makes doing so more accessible and easier. It’s a message we’re passionate about and will continue to share as we move toward launch and beyond.


London Web Summit Winners!

21 March 2012

On Monday, 19 March 2012, the London Web Summit crowned Seedrs the winner of its prestigious startup competition. The competition was fierce, with 150-startup entrants reduced to a rather impressive field of just 19 finalists, from across Europe, being selected to pitch their concepts live.

The panel of judges “had high hopes (our) model could kick start a revolution in startup funding.” Seedrs CEO and co-founder Jeff Lynn welcomed the opportunity to present and compete at such a high-profile event, saying “It's a huge honour to have won this competition out of a field of so many great startups. We're looking forward to launching the platform and providing a fantastic opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.”

You can see video of our pitch and acceptance here: http://bit.ly/GB3wdz

Seedrs Soft Launch

19 March 2012

Seedrs opened its public-facing pages to the world today, announcing this "soft launch" at London Web Summit. Prospective users can now see what we're about and sign up for invites to join Seedrs when we go live (projected for May or June). We look forward to reactions, questions and suggestions, and most of all we're excited about investors and entrepreneurs joining the Seedrs community and learning about the amazing opportunity we will provide all of them.   

Seedrs Fundraising Round Closes

08 March 2012

Today Seedrs closed a £550,000 fundraising round from a group of leading angel investors. This adds to the £350,000 we have raised since inception and provides us the capital we need to launch strong and grow quickly. We welcome our new investors on board and appreciate their support as we seek to become the leading platform for investing and raising seed-stage capital. 

Seedrs Receives FSA Approval

06 March 2012

This afternoon the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) confirmed that it has approved Seedrs's application for authorisation. We expect full authorisation to be granted by the end of April, following the completion of several technical steps. The FSA's approval is a milestone both for Seedrs and for crowdfunding, making us the first equity crowdfunding platform to be approved by a major financial regulator anywhere in the world.  

Seedrs CEO Testifies Before Congress

15 September 2011

Seedrs CEO Jeff Lynn testified today before a subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in a hearing entitled "Crowdfunding: Connecting Investors and Job Creators." Footage of Mr Lynn's testimony and the full hearing can be watched at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IwvL_K1LMM