As our global economy continues on an uncertain path and stock markets keep sliding away, some expect that the amount of venture capital flowing to early-stage businesses will begin to slow. While that may already be happening, we’re operating as normal here at Seedrs, as equity crowdfunding provides an alternative that can be highly rewarding. We’re seeing hundreds of promising startups hitting their funding targets through equity crowdfunding campaigns. 

Here’s a look at 10 fast-growing companies that have raised funding on Seedrs in 2022 so far.

Businesses raising under £1m


The UK’s first fully circular online peer-to-peer marketplace for children’s clothing where families can buy, sell, donate and recycle outgrown children’s clothes. What’s more, Dotte sellers get rewarded for extending the lifespan of clothes from its18 brand partners, including major retailers M&S and Clarks. A major high five for families doing their bit!

Dotte raised £478,698 from 473 investors in April 2022, hitting its target in 24 hours and overfunding with 215%. 

Find out more about Dotte’s campaign here.

Naked Sprout

Naked Sprout is on a mission to provide affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products – free from plastic, bleach and harsh chemicals. It  produces the UK’s most sustainable tissue products made from 100% unbleached bamboo in the world’s only B Corp tissue factory – leading the way with carbon neutral, bleach & fossil fuel free manufacturing. Its factory even runs on 100% renewable energy! 

Naked Sprout raised £627,114 from 791 investors, smashing its target with 249%.

Find out more about Naked Sprout’s campaign here.

Fearne & Rosie

Fearne & Rosie produce higher fruit and lower sugar jams. More fruit, less sugar. It’s berry simple. 

Fearne and Rosie raised £337,840 from 283 investors, among those investors, Giles Brook, Founder & CEO of Vita Coco and former Commercial Director of Innocent. Brook is known to invest in F&B brands and advises the company on its strategy.

Find out more about Fearne & Rosie’s campaign here.


Nettle is shaping the future of food. Using methods of fermentation and with minimal processing, it develops organic, plant-based, fermented products that are nutritionally dense and full of bold, complex flavours. Nettle is stocked in Planet Organic, Abel & Cole, Daylesford, Bayley & Sage and a number of independents across the UK.

Nettle raised £303,601 from 355 investors, smashing its target with 289%. 

Find out more about Nettle’s campaign here.

Businesses raising over £1m


Portfolio is on a mission to bring property investment to the masses. Its app enables investors to become part-owners in a portfolio of rental homes. As an investor you can benefit from having your investment diversified across different homes across the UK at a far lower cost than purchasing a single buy-to-let.

The Portfolio brand is part of a group that also includes the educational and property sourcing businesses branded as Property Hub. Check out their extremely popular Property podcast on YouTube.

Portfolio raised £1,546,655 from 814 investors on Seedrs, and overfunded with 307%! 

Find out more about Portfolio’s campaign here.


Pikl is a fast-growing Insurtech business providing solutions that enable the Sharing Economy to thrive. It’s on a mission to make sure that customers participating in the sharing economy can access insurance products which meet their needs so they can share safely and confidently.

Founded by Louise Birritteri, Pikl raised £2,845,599 from 673 investors on Seedrs. Pikl raised twice before coming to Seedrs, with the likes of investors like Sir Peter Wood, Founder of Direct Line and Esure, and ex-CEOs of RAC, Aviva, Ageas, Hertz, Bluefin, Towergate, Gallagher, and Swinton.

Find out more about Pikl’s campaign here.


SPOKE has created a new breed of menswear brand: 100s of sizes, finished to order for a flawless fit and exclusively sold online.  

SPOKE is Seedrs biggest campaign to date in 2022, raising £4,714,569 from 1,579 investors, overfunding with 312%. The proceeds of its round will be used to expand the brand across the US and EU, selling better looking men’s clothes all over the world.

Fun fact, SPOKE broadcasted its first TV ads during the summer of 2022 across the Tour de France and Six Nations.

Find out more about SPOKE’s campaign here.


Puresport was founded in December 2018 by Grayson Hart after he sought a natural alternative to the heavy opioid-based painkillers he had become reliant upon to manage injuries that had developed from a career in professional rugby. Quoted in Forbes as one of the U.K’s leading Wellness Brands, Puresport offers a range of CBD, mushroom, nootropics and adaptogens.

Backed by Scotland rugby stars Greig Laidlaw and Finn Russell, Puresport raised £1,506,878 from 490 investors on Seedrs.

Find out more about Puresport’s campaign here.


COAT is the Climate Positive Paint Company, changing the way we paint – for good. This year it raised £2,465,282 from 627 investors on Seedrs. 

COAT is B Corp certified since August 2022, which makes it the first and only paint company in the UK with this certification, supporting its mission to stand for the highest levels of environmental and social impact. 

COAT has also recently launched a partnership with Laura Jackson, renowned for having great taste and has an innate knack for making style beautiful and accessible. Laura created a chic exclusive six-colour palette for COAT inspired by a recent 24-hour trip to Paris.

Find out more about COAT’s campaign here.

Gazelle Wind Power

Gazelle Wind Power Limited produces unique floating offshore wind platforms that significantly reduces the weight, size, and cost of existing floating platforms and mooring systems. By using significantly less steel compared to other floating platforms, they’re making renewable energy affordable to every household. Gazelle has a strong, experienced, top-talent Board of Directors, composed of some of the industry leaders in this space. Learn more about how it went about growing the board here.

Gazelle Wind Power Limited raised €3,905,216 from 1,407 investors, making it one of Seedrs’ biggest campaigns in 2022. 

Find out more about Gazelle’s campaign here

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