There you are, you have a killer startup idea and you want to make this a success, but how will you manage alone? Most successful businesses started with the contributions of more than just one person, because a great idea is often worthless if you don’t have a great team to bring it to life. So how will you find that co-founder who believes in your idea as much as you do and, is also willing to work for equity?

The right co-founder is tricky to find – you don’t randomly bump into them in a coffeeshop or see them walk by every day. It’s about having a lot of conversations with a lot of potential co-founders and more importantly, about asking the right questions.

How do you go about doing this? Below, you can download a guide that included 50 questions that you can ask your potential co-founder, covering topics like:

  • How you operate
  • Role expectations
  • Company structure and financing
  • Personal drivers and motivators
  • Commitment and finance
  • Team culture
  • Co-founder relationship