Avasa provides personalised rental search concierge services in London for busy professionals and expats looking to save time, money and hassle. Let our local experts do the heavy lifting.  Cut off hours from your next home search or find a place to rent even before you arrive in London!

We use scores of data points and our Artificial Intelligence-driven platform to identify the most relevant properties that match each tenant’s specific lifestyle requirements, such as multiple commute times (e.g. office, university or school), proximity to amenities or other special requirements (e.g. pet-friendly properties). 

We then work closely with you so that you can make informed decisions, secure the best price and terms for your next home.Upgrade your rental search experience.  Work with a professional who looks after your interest and knows how to protect your time!

Exclusive Offer for Seedrs Alumni Club Members

In every calendar year, for your first 10 employees availing our ‘Find & Finalise’ or ‘Relocate’ offer, we will offer a 10% discount on our list prices. For 11th employee onwards, we will offer a 12.5% discount on our list price.  Our services description is available at https://avasa.ai/sherpa/relocation.

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