The Clean Energy industry is growing fast, and so is public interest. While it might be a challenging time to raise VC investment, interest from everyday investors in Clean Energy has never been stronger. In fact, in a recent survey of Seedrs investors, 32% said that they were interested in sustainability-focused businesses, putting it 6% above other industries.

Here’s why you should consider raising funds through the crowd and how follow-on rounds can support your growth.

Benefits of raising funds for your Clean Energy Business with Seedrs

Investor interest is one thing — making the most of the Seedrs community is another. Here’s what you need to know about how our community can help your business:

  • It’s a quick, efficient way to raise capital. Most campaigns on Seedrs take 2 – 3 months to complete. Our engaged, active investor base are always on the lookout for new opportunities. And you’ll save a lot of time compared to pitching endless VC firms.
  • Build a community of loyal ambassadors. By crowdfunding, you’ll find a community of investors that share your values and invest in your mission as well as your business. It’s a great way to build advocates and promoters of your brand; and many companies that raise with Seedrs report a boost in word-of-mouth growth post campaign.
  • Boost awareness of your brand. Equity crowdfunding helps boost your company profile, both amongst our community of investors and via the marketing and PR that comes alongside campaign. It’s also a great way to refine your brand positioning to maximise ROI alongside our team of expert advisors and campaign managers.

Raising follow-on rounds

Seedrs is uniquely positioned to help you raise capital – round after round.

With each raise, the process becomes smoother — with Due Diligence already complete from past rounds, we can get you live up to 50% faster, meaning less time required from your team. And where possible we can re-apply legals, meaning less admin required all round.

We see strong growth from businesses that come to us for multiple rounds as we build our investor base in specific industries, something that is especially true with the Clean Energy sector as Ripple have shown with five successful rounds.

QED Naval raised two rounds on Seedrs

Edinburgh based QED Naval are on a mission to help the UK harness tidal energy as part of their renewables mix. They believe that up to 12% of the UK’s energy could come from tidal energy — and they’ve worked with Seedrs twice to raise capital to help them achieve that mission.

QED Naval have now raised over £2.5million via Seedrs across two rounds, with over 2,600 investors getting involved:

“We are delighted to have completed our second funding round with Seedrs and received so much support. We can now move ahead with the next phase of trials and our UE project.

With the excellent investor support during our first campaign, it made a lot of sense to reach out again. Crowdfunding has enabled us to showcase our technology and continue to develop our team. Both are invaluable as we position ourselves for new projects and increased scale.

With a global tidal energy market of £76bn, and a predicted GVA of £1.4bn by 2030 supporting some 4,000 jobs, the UK – has a unique opportunity to capitalize on its natural resources. Tidal power could and should compete with wind and solar in terms of cost, and offers the added advantage of being a completely predictable supply of energy.

— Jeremy Smith, Managing Director, QED

Ripple raised five rounds on Seedrs

Ripple are making clean energy ownership a reality for the masses.

They’ve now raised five rounds from Seedrs investors, overfunding by 420% in their most recent round and an increase of investment under the nominee structure of 125% compared to their previous round.

Even better – with each raise their community of investors has grown. They now have 2,100 Seedrs investors under the nominee structure, an increase of over 900 investors in their most recent round alone.

Raise capital for your Clean Energy business

With over 48,000 Seedrs investors actively investing in clean energy businesses, there’s no better time to launch a campaign. Our expert team can guide you through brand positioning, campaign setup and provide advice throughout your raise.

Learn more about raising funds on Seedrs for renewable energy businesses here.

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