Looking to start writing your business plan? This business plan template below will help you get started.

The Importance of a Business Plan

Without a credible and investable business plan, founders are unlikely to succeed in raising the investment they need to grow. All too often, we see entrepreneurs with missing information and a lacklustre business plan. It’s why, on average, less than 1% of pitches result in an investment. So, to convince investors, you must have a solid business plan that sets the foundation for creating a convincing and articulate pitch.

Robot Mascot

In collaboration with Robot Mascot, we’ve created a free, downloadable business plan template, accessed by filling out the below form. Robot Mascot specialises in creating pitch decks that convince investors. Their clients are 30x more likely to receive an investment, which is why they’re regarded as the UK’s leading pitch agency. 

In a previous collaboration with Robot Mascot we’ve also created an overview on the top mistakes you should avoid when writing a startup business plan. In this article, we share key areas where businesses often make mistakes in their business plan, which eventually end up reducing their credibility and hindering investment.

Download the template here: