Clean Kitchen Club began in 2020 when founder and YouTuber, Mikey Pearce, discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet during a health kick. He inspiredly started Clean Kitchen with a simple mission – to bring plant-based food to the mainstream.

Joined by co-founder and sustainability lead Verity Bowditch, Clean Kitchen Club opened its first London restaurant in early 2021. Following a first year revenue of £725k, Clean Kitchen Club expanded its physical presence across London Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) and diversified into B2B corporate catering and retail. The QSR market alone will have a valuation of almost £1 trillion by 2028, and Clean Kitchen Club seeks to be the ‘plant-based McDonalds’, offering a 100% plant-based menu that serves the progressive shift in eco-conscious consumer lifestyles.

In August 2022, Clean Kitchen Club raised £2,759,606 from 599 investors via the Seedrs platform. Six months post raise, we caught up with co-founders Mikey and Verity at their new flagship store in Battersea Power Station.

Mikey and Verity chose to raise through their community via Seedrs because:

  • They wanted to increase the talkability factor and build out the “club” element in Clean Kitchen Club as it’s a community-led brand.
  • They’d seen the success of other plant-based raises on Seedrs including brands such as THIS and allplants.
  • Seedrs has a knowledgeable team who could provide support throughout the campaign.

Watch the video above to learn more about their fundraising experience and why they decided Seedrs was a great partner for them.

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