EmpowerRD have upgraded the process of applying for R&D tax credits.

By automating a lot of the claim process EmpowerRD have made it significantly more reliable and cost effective to submit R&D claims. We have a 100% successful claim record with HMRC, and, because a lot of our processes are automated, we only need to charge 5% for a claim.

That makes us 3-4 times less expensive than other providers/accountants – meaning we provide an average saving of £16,000 for companies claiming through us.

Our approach breaks down into four stages

  1. Eligibility Assessment: When claiming you’ll be allocated a dedicated account manager who assesses the eligibility of their claim and provides advice on how to maximise their claim value.
  2. Data Input: You’ll then be given access to our online claims platform. The platform provides full guides, intelligent tooltips and response scorings to help ensure your claim is successful.
  3. Claim Evaluation:: The EmpowerRD account manager will asses the claim once it’s generated and make any amends necessary.
  4. HMRC Submission: : We can manage the submission for you or you can submit yourself with the aid of your accountant.

Customer Satisfaction: We’re rated 9.1 / 10 on Trustpilot. Below are a selection of recent client testimonials.

Great support, clear process, and transparent pricing

Irra, Vchain Technology

EmpowerRD made it quick, straightforward and cost-effective

Jerome, zeroheight.com

Our accountant did not have experience of R&D tax credits and unfortunately made a few errors in the submission, but luckily we had EmpowerRD on board who managed to rectify this quickly and ensure that our case was accepted.

Adam, Metadata Consulting

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Seedrs Alumni get 10% off EmpowerRD’s fee, meaning Seedrs alumni will be charged 4.5% of the credit they receive from HMRC.

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