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Fintech is one of the largest and strongest growing sectors on Seedrs, with over 160 fundraises to date, and over 30% growth for the last 2 years. Seedrs gives you a single platform with all the features you need to grow your network, acquire new customers, and raise investment for your business.

Raise the funds you need to make a change in the world of finance.

We provide access to capital, with 86% of Fintech businesses on Seedrs successfully fundraising. Our expert team helps you build your campaign to maximise investment and awareness from your community and ours.

Harness the the true power of your customers.

Give your early-adopters and super-users the chance to become investors and lifelong advocates of your product, or use crowdfunding to engage and build trust with your wider community.

Speak to an audience of Fintech investors.

Fintech is one of the best performing sectors on Seedrs, with fundraises in this sector receiving an average investment size of £2.5k (Gross Committed Investment) in the last 3 years. We have developed a highly engaged community of Fintech investors looking for the next big disruptor.

You’re in good company.

What our businesses have to say

“When I went into the Seedrs offices to meet the team I was really impressed. From this initial meeting to our campaign going live we’ve only seen positive impact on the business and results. Our campaign on Seedrs helped us gain some great publicity. We had a lot of people in our industry talking about us and we had really good exposure in Fintech and employee benefit applications.”

– Cushon (formerly Smarterly)

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“We needed to grow our network as quickly as possible, and the benefit of using Seedrs is that you get access to a broader network of users for your business. As well as raising capital for your business, you have a greater pool of people you can test things out on when you launch.

The thing that particularly appealed to us about the Seedrs model was the nominee structure, all the shareholders’ rights are protected in one entity. For us as a business, if we need to discuss something we can discuss it directly with Seedrs. From an entrepreneur’s perspective that’s a lot easier.”

– Landbay

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“We engaged Seedrs on the back of securing a fenomenal cornerstone investor which allowed us to launch on the Seedrs platform with great momentum and thereafter we secured over 618 investors.

The ability to unite these individual investors as our brand ambassadors and effectively going to the market for us and driving conversion, pluging us into charities and increasing brand awareness.”

– Goodbox

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