Raise investment with Seedrs, and get it matched by the Future Fund.

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Get the facts

The Future Fund is a government scheme is designed to support innovative, growth focused businesses that typically rely on equity investment, who are feeling the impact of Covid-19. The Future Fund will match up to 100% of the amount a business raises from investors, thereby doubling the amount of funding received by the business. Below are some of the key details:

Up to £5m raised from private investors will be matched by the fund

Funds are raised through a convertible loan note

Applications are open
20th May – 30th September

The Future Fund is delivered by the British Business Bank. See here or full details of the scheme.

How it works when raising with Seedrs

We are pleased to announce that funds raised through the Seedrs platform will be eligible for match funding from the Future Fund scheme. Here’s how the process will look:

We’ll help you run a convertible campaign that matches the terms set out by the Future Fund

Raise capital from your community and Seedrs investors through that campaign

We’ll act as your lead investor, and apply to the Future Fund to match the funds raised in your campaign

Key Terms of the Future Fund

The form of convertible loan that Seedrs will enter into on behalf of investors has been prescribed by the Future Fund and can be found here. Below are some of the key terms of the loan:

  • Interest: 8%
  • Discount: 20%
  • Maturity Date: 36 months
  • Conversion: The loans will convert into shares in the company in certain circumstances, including an exit or a new funding round.

We have also prepared a term sheet setting out the key terms of the convertible loan in more detail, which can be downloaded here:

Interested in Future Fund private match funding with Seedrs? Get in touch with our team: