The truth is, investing in a startup is high risk. 

So when you seek investment as a founder, you may find investors are not always so excited.

How can you turn this around?

By explaining to potential investors how they can receive UK income tax relief if they take a leap of faith in you.

Yes, that’s right! UK tax paying investors can receive income tax relief AND no capital gains tax, as well as other benefits.

It’s important to note that like any scheme, there are rules and criteria for both you as a founder, and for your investor. However, the S/EIS (Seed/Enterprise Investment Scheme) is a great incentive to attract investors and get more conversations rolling in for you. 

📖 In the ‘How S/EIS Can Help You Raise Investment for Your Startup’ FREE guide, you’ll learn: 
  • What is SEIS & EIS?
  • Qualifying factors for your business
  • Qualifying factors for an investor
  • How to apply for S/EIS
  • Easy illustrated examples to understand the scheme
  • Useful resources to get you started today!  

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You can find more information about S/EIS on the official UK Government website.