By now, you probably understand the importance of marketing in making your campaign a success. Seedrs provides you with a number of ways to ensure your marketing is as effective as possible during each stage of your campaign. This guide will provide you with an overview of the data available and how to watch for opportunities to adapt your marketing activities to maximise the campaign’s investment.

Assess Your Community’s Investment Potential 

Leading up to your campaign launch, you’ll want to start gauging interest from your business community to invest. You may choose to launch a pre-registration page, which provides your community with early access to the campaign, allowing you to start organising potential investors and their anticipated investment amount. Whilst there is no obligation to do this, this process is known to be very useful for preparing and planning your campaign to maximise the chances of success.

Your Community Conversion Tracker 

Once your pre-registration page is live, you will have access to a dashboard that will help you track the conversion throughout the duration of your campaign. You’ll be able to see:

  1. Names, emails, and anticipated investment amount.
  2. The summary of the total unique submissions and aggregate amounts pre-registered.
  3. Data visualisation by date submitted and segmented into categories (e.g. amount ranges).

This Data Allows You To:

  • Predict investment: Estimate the total amount of investment expected from your community when the campaign goes live. Our team will provide some guidance on average conversion rates, and how much you could expect from completed investment, based on pre-registered amounts.
  • Adapt your marketing: Measure the effectiveness of your different marketing activities based on the amount being pre-registered each day and decide when to contact them about the campaign. 
  • Monitor conversion: Track the conversion of pre-registrations to investors, once the campaign is live, and tailor messaging accordingly.

Analyse Your Live Campaign Data

Once the campaign has launched, you will have four main tools that you can use to track your campaign: 

1. Seedrs Analytics Dashboard

This provides you with up-to-date campaign statistics, graphs and reports, including: 

  1. Summary: total paid and unpaid investments, days remaining and average investment.
  2. Investment activity: amount invested and the number of investors (daily and aggregate).
  3. Campaign page views: total and unique views (daily and aggregate).
  4. Investor demographics: amount invested based on country of origin and age of the investor.
The Seedrs Analytics Dashboard

This Data Allows You To:

  • Identify trends: monitor the campaign views and investment activity levels and compare the data against the timing of your marketing to assess its effectiveness (see the Google Analytics section below for how this can be done more directly).
  • Adjust your marketing: adapt the timings of your marketing activities to help give the campaign a boost if you see the activity starting to drop off. This will help support your position on the Seedrs homepage, and attract the interest of more regular investors who see the momentum. 

2. Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics already, our team will ask for your UA tracking code, which we will embed into your campaign page so that you will be able to see the data collected by Google Analytics whilst the campaign is live. Don’t worry if you don’t have this set up yet; we will provide guidance on how to do this!  

Google Analytics

The Data You’ll Want to Focus On Includes:

  • The sources and medium of your campaign views
  • Where the traffic originates (e.g. Google, Email, Facebook etc.)
  • The traffic directed to the campaign directly from your marketing activity (only available if you’re sharing your campaign using the unique UTM link, which is found on your Seedrs dashboard)

3. Your Community Conversion Tracker 

If you’ve set this up during pre-registration, you can continue to use this tool to track the conversion of leads from the pre-registration page and tailor your outreach accordingly. 

If you didn’t have a pre-registration page, you can also use it as a book-building tool to start creating lists of audiences to whom you would like to promote the campaign.

Once you start promoting that the campaign is live, you’ll also be able to track across those leads which: 

  1. You have contacted and their level of interest.
  2. Have signed-up to Seedrs.
  3. Requested documents.
  4. Completed investments.

This Data Allows You To:

  • View the funnel to tailor your communications strategy and messaging for each user based on where they are in the journey to invest (e.g. providing guidance on signing up vs. how to invest)
  • Help benchmark where you need to focus your marketing efforts (our team can help with this).

4. Digital Advertising Feedback

As part of our campaign support we offer marketing packages for running an extensive digital advertising campaign across Facebook and Instagram.

The Data Available to You Include:

  1. Spend: amount spent on the different types of ad
  2. Impressions: total views that include each time the ad loads on a user’s feed.
  3. Clicks: the total number of individual clicks on the ad.
  4. CTR: clicks / impressions.
  5. Investment: the aggregate amount invested directly sourced by clicks from the ads.

This Data Allows You Yo:

  • Assess the effectiveness of digital ads for your campaign and the return on investment.
  • Adapt the content and spend on different types of ads (e.g. retargeting vs prospecting). Our team will help with this!
  • Decide how much to invest in additional digital ads for your campaign if you see results.