Does your brand need strengthening? Are your purpose, mission and vision well defined and useful to how you do business? How do the best companies operationalise great cultures?

If you’re thinking about these and similar questions, and are looking for advice on how to create growth through brand and culture, then you can apply for an Office Hours slot with our partner, strategic consultancy Multiple.

Multiple work with founders and funders of fast growth companies such as Pipedrive, WeTransfer, Unbabel, Impala, Curve, Signal, Drover, Mixcloud, Stride, Connect Ventures, White Star Capital and Kindred Capital among others. They help startups supercharge progress through brand and culture. Specifically, they help to create alignment, define purpose, refine strategy, clarify vision, build brand, shape culture, acquire customers, raise capital and drive growth.

As a team, they’ve individually founded, scaled and exited businesses, as well as invested themselves in early-stage high growth businesses. So, if you are interested in some help with frameworks around brand and culture, and how they pertain to growth and fundraising, apply for an Office Hours slot using the form below: