The Pitch Deck Library – Examples & Inspiration

Explore a collection of pitch decks from businesses that have successfully raised on Seedrs.
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Irrespective of your startup’s stage, whether you are seeking seed funding or making provisions for a follow-up series of funding, a lot of your success is riding on a few presentation slides. That’s right, your pitch deck is one of the most important aspect of growing your business to the next level so it’s crucial to take your time to think about what to include and to get inspired by other pitch deck examples.

To help you succeed, we’ve collated some examples of the top pitch decks we’ve seen from businesses that have raised funds with Seedrs, to serve as inspiration for creating your own pitch deck.

Vultus aims to reduce 40% of fertiliser usage with global satellite analysis to prescribe correct levels. Vultus have raised €1,379,212…

Heights aims to build the leading braincare brand in the world. Our purpose is simple—to make people care as much…

With Hiro you protect your home with smart technology and you get amazing perks and discounts when you do. Hiro have…

Gamerpro is opening up the esports industry as a new revenue stream for mobile game publishers.

DeadHappy is a digital-first life insurance provider, disrupting the £3.7bn life market. Their mission is to Change Attitudes to Death by…

Lazy Flora is making gardening hassle-free for urban gardeners. They are the Hello Fresh for plants.

LuggageHero are the on demand luggage storage marketplace for travellers.

Ripple is a clean energy ownership platform that enables people to part own new wind farms for zero CO2, low cost power.

allplants are 100% plant-based meals cooked by chefs and delivered straight to your door.

TheVeganKind is an award-winning online vegan and plant-based supermarket and subscription box service.

The Cheeky Panda makes Ultra Sustainable Bamboo products that are kind to you, and our planet.

Healthy eating made easy. We deliver all the good-for-you ingredients to create delicious evening meals.

Built for your phone, Wrisk is insurance made so simple it’s almost unrecognisable.

High-growth healthy food-to-go brand bringing 100% natural, vegan meals to mainstream retail and beyond.

Sharing the Love through our beer, bar & kitchen, brewery, and gin distillery.

Smart navigation made simple. A vision to make journeys better for everyone.

TruRating is revolutionising consumer insight, using the point of sale to collect mass, accurate feedback

Urban Massage is the wellness app that makes booking an on-demand massage at home easy and affordable.

Pitch deck tips and extra resources

While there is no one way to craft your investment pitch deck, there are basic structures that will be useful for guiding you, but your deck should also be unique to your business and instil its own brand identity.

If you would like to learn more on how to build a strong pitch deck, we advise you to check out our guide:
How to Design Your Startup’s Pitch Deck and Craft its Content

Do you feel comfortable and ready to start drafting your own pitch deck? We’ve developed a pitch deck template, based on key elements from all of the best pitch decks we’ve seen at Seedrs and combined them into one template that will help you get started.

If you’re looking for advice on how to delivering an actual pitch to investors, check out our 7 Top Tips for Great Pitch.