Rightcharge is on a mission to make it easier for homeowners to install EV chargers, solar panels, batteries and heat pumps, as well as switching to better energy tariffs. Through a simple, two-sided platform, Rightcharge customers can receive recommendations that help them navigate the overwhelming process of setting up EV charging at home. In December 2022, Rightcharge raised £730,953 from 360 investors on the Seedrs platform during its primary campaign, more than double the initial target.

We caught up with Charlie Cook, CEO and Founder of Rightcharge, to find out why he set about creating a sustainability-focused business and how the fundraise has helped him build a community of brand ambassadors to accelerate business growth.

Charlie Cook chose to fundraise with Seedrs because Seedrs was the perfect fit for the requirement of raising a bridging round. He explained the process of fundraising as being an exciting and interactive experience, where you’re able to meet investors of a high pedigree. Through the campaign, Rightcharge were able to raise twice the initial target amount and now have the additional capital needed to invest in a bigger team and continue increasing brand exposure.

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