IPG is a British clean-tech company reinventing fuel-based power for the renewable future. In June 2022, IPG raised a total amount of £1,034,708 from 660 investors through crowdfunding with Seedrs. The raise attracted 53 investors from their own community, as well as 607 investors from the crowd. We spoke to CEO, Toby Gill, and the rest of the team to find out why crowdfunding worked well for them.

The Concept of IPG

IPG believes diesel generators are the dirty secret of the energy transition. From temporary power at construction sites and festivals to backup power for hospitals and data centres, on-demand, distributed power is essential.

Diesel gensets accounted for 53% of the distributed power market in 2019, with their value set to almost double to $30bn by 2030. There’s a need for a net-zero replacement for this industry giant, yet progress is slow.

Replacing diesel generators means businesses switching to hydrogen or biofuels. Yet, with no clear, single, fuel of the future, businesses cannot risk the switch to generators designed for just one fuel. But without this demand, fuel suppliers won’t invest in greater production – a chicken-and-egg scenario that could stall climate action.

The IPG Flameless Generator aims to break this cycle. But how are they doing this?

Their patented Flameless Combustion delivers pollutant-free power from any fuel, giving businesses confidence to switch to net-zero fuels today knowing they will always have clean power on demand. 

Whether it’s temporary power at construction sites and festivals or backup power for hospitals and data centres, and even for balancing our intermittent renewables-based grid, having power exactly when and where you need it is essential. At the end of the day, businesses have a job to do, a project to build, or a service to deliver and what they cannot risk is not having the power to do so. 

IPG’s fuel-agnostic power solution enables companies to start reducing their carbon footprint without putting operations at risk.

Crowdfunding, Seedrs and IPG’s Campaigns

IPG raised a total amount of £1,034,708 from 660 investors in June 2022. The raise attracted 53 investors from their own community, as well as 607 investors from the crowd.

Before IPG came to Seedrs, they had raised money through angels and high net worth investors. Their Seedrs campaign was their first public facing round. IPG couldn’t have timed their round better as they saw a lot of traction due to the current energy crisis that started around the same time.

Why did you choose crowdfunding over other funding options?

The main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of their offering and their brand, and crowdfunding gave IPG the opportunity to share the value of their climate tech solution to a broader audience. 

They were optimistic that IPG would go down well with the Seedrs community given the volume of successfully funded CleanTech and eco-friendly companies, and they knew that the crowdfunding market has reacted positively to impact investment opportunities lately. 

Equity crowdfunding communications agency TribeFirst have used a blend of marketing & fundraising together to make 120+ campaigns successful and with their expertise and experience powering this campaign, IPG had the right ingredients to hit the marketing goals of this campaign. Leveraging their strategic input and hands-on guidance – from hosting webinars to shooting the video – IPG came away in a great position from which to grow.

Why did you choose to work with Seedrs?

“Building on the commitments from our network of angel investors through the Seedrs crowdfunding campaign not only allowed us to rapidly reach our funding target, but also raise greater awareness of the value of our climate change solution.

Choosing to work with Seedrs to execute our crowdfunding campaign was an easy decision, given the calibre of their investment community and their interest in sustainability, as demonstrated by the successful campaign of similar climate tech companies.

Within the first 10 days, we had welcomed almost 300 investors onboard our mission to replace the diesel generator, and received significant new interest in our product from future customers. We were blown away to learn that 52% of Seedrs members who viewed our pitch materials chose to invest in us – against a Seedrs average of 10% – which is testament to both the value of our solution, and the hard work and dedication put in by the team to make this campaign an impactful one.

With this new investment secured and commercial trials in the pipeline, we are on track to demonstrate the value of our product for the construction industry and enabling our customers to ditch their diesel generators.”

Looking to raise funds through the crowd?

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