Learn how to develop a scalable and forward looking finance function in this on-demand webinar with Zanda. Zanda’s Co-Founder, Andrew Waters interviews Jason Kirkbride, CFO / Acme Advisory Founder, to discuss the key things to consider when establishing a best in class finance function.

The aim in building a best in class finance team is to provide not only accurate and efficient reporting, but also forward looking analytics to help steer strategic growth. The right finance leader / function is critical when it comes to M&A, fundraising and any exit whether that be an IPO, Trade or Private Equity deal.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The specifics of building an impactful finance function
  • How to be ready for due diligence
  • The different appropriate finance technologies
  • How to properly structure finance teams
  • How to choose the right external advisors

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