Are you an Agritech business looking to raise funds?

Climate change has been a hot topic since a decade now and in combination with the rapid growth of our population, our world as we now it today might look just a little bit different in a few years time. Fortunately, whilst we may face these pressing issues, there are many entrepreneurs and start-ups responding to the crisis in innovative and inspiring ways. 

Learn more about this burgeoning sector and how to make your own Agritech crowdfunding round a success.

This webinar is hosted by Scott Simpkin, Campaigns Lead at Seedrs and Chris Davies, Founder & CEO at Harvest London, who talk through the process of Equity Crowdfunding and answer all your questions on raising funds with Seedrs. Chris also shares his experience raising £402,060 from 454 investors on Seedrs.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the Agritech market is evolving
  • The growth projections and successes in the Agritech space
  • Why equity crowdfunding could be a good option for your business
  • The key elements to successful crowdfunding for Agritech businesses
  • How raising with Seedrs works
  • How Seedrs supports you across your growth lifecycle

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