A founder will wear many hats – as director, shareholder, employer, creator. Often such roles conflict and investors, suppliers, team members and clients come with different agendas and ultimately leverage. How can a founder balance competing interests for the benefit of the company and can the founder ever put themselves first?

In this third and last session of our “Law for Startups” series with Shainul Kassam, we dive deeper into the different hats a founder wears.

Download this webinar and you will learn:

  • Which hat takes priority, when and why.
  • The different legal obligations a company has to a director, shareholder, employee or creator and vice versa.
  • Where these obligations are found, whether in a shareholders agreement, employment contract, consultancy agreement or the articles of association.

Shainul Kassam is a corporate lawyer and founder of boutique law firm Fortune Law specialising in advising entrepreneurs on commercial and corporate law matters. Her expertise covers general start-up advisory, M&A, fundraising, and conflict resolution involving sensitive boardroom issues, international shareholder and partnership disputes. She is committed to advising early-stage  and growing businesses both as lawyer and educator. She is an Honorary Practice Fellow of Imperial College, London where she teaches her own course “Law for Entrepreneurs” on Imperial’s Executive MBA.

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