Are you aware of the benefits that secondaries can give you and your business?

Seedrs has been facilitating primary fundraising rounds since inception, providing precious capital to businesses that wanted to grow.

But all the while founders and investors had to wait until exit to realise any returns on their effort and investment. We started solving this when we opened our Secondary Market in 2017, but founders have always been left out, unable to realise even a fraction of their paper worth.

That is, until last summer.

Whether a founder wants to take some money off the table to buy a house, or wants to reward hard working employees by allowing them to unlock some of the value in their vested options, this process was previously complicated, and expensive.

The Seedrs team solved this problem for portfolio companies through the creation of the Seedrs Secondary Market, which currently has over 500 businesses listed for investment, and has facilitated over £35m in transaction value.

And now, thanks to our partnership with Capdesk, founders outside of the Seedrs Portfolio will be able to realise liquidity early.

Now Capdesk customers in need of funds can directly list their shares on the Seedrs Secondary Market, while early investors or employees with vested options now have the option to cash out some, or all, of their shareholding early.

Learn more about this new offering for founders and early stage employees.

This discussion was hosted by Scott Simpkin, Campaigns Lead at Seedrs, and Stina Karkkainen, Commercial Lead at Capdesk, who discussed the process for Secondary Share Sales on Seedrs,  and answered audience questions on how founders and businesses can access these services. 

During this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • When is it a good time to take some equity off the table?
  • Who is able to realise liquidity on their early shareholding, and how does the process work?
  • How does the process of executing a secondary transaction work?
  • Some examples of founders who have successfully done this, and the results.
  • What is the future of secondary liquidity?

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