Learn about elevating your startups people and talent practices in this fourth session with Zanda. Zanda’s Co-Founder, Andrew Waters, interviews Anne-Marie Headley, Senior HR Business Leader and Founder of Workforce Buddy, to discuss when and how to establish an in-house HR & Talent team.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What to consider when you are looking to add key hires to your business
  • How to write a knockout company description / job description
  • How to assess CVs and run a thorough interview process to ensure you get the right fit for the specific role, the business and your stage of growth
  • What to consider when you are looking to scale at a significant pace
  • When & how to bring HR in-house to your Startup
  • What are some of the key HR processes and procedures to nail down early
  • What are the considerations when exploring the option of an In-House Talent team
  • When should you look for outside expertise in hiring on certain positions

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