Would you like to learn more about the importance of S/EIS and how to get your taxes in order as entrepreneur?

We invited Richard Davis, Founder at Birchland Advisors and Asif Ahmed, Founder & Managing Director at Acclivity Advisors. In this session Richard interviews Asif about some of the most important S/EIS related topics you should know about as entrepreneurs. They talk you through the different stages of raising funds and what you have to do at each stage to get your taxes in order.

During this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The spirit of SEIS/EIS
  • What are the qualifying criteria and excluded activities
  • What info is needed and how to get the house in order
  • The 7-year window
  • How you can obtain certificates
  • The costs and upkeep of tax filing
  • How Seedrs can take out the pain
  • Typical questions from investors and what to say to them

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