Learn how to grow your eCommerce business through funding and marketing growth strategies.

We invited Emmie Faust, growth and marketing strategist who has helped hundreds of businesses grow and exit, together with Rob Wilson, Portfolio Lead at Outfund, UK’s largest eCommerce investor, providing founders with fast and flexible funding of up to £2m. This panel is moderated by our very own Emily Fitch-Deeley, Head of Partnerships at Seedrs, who shares insights on how to successfully crowdfund for your eCommerce business.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • What are the different funding options available to you and when to use them 
  • What are the tools and software that will help you scale
  • Why nailing the customer journey is so important as an eCommerce business
  • The importance of having a strategy and plan before chucking money down the drain
  • How to find the right freelancers, agencies and support partners
  • How to get the right mix of media

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