Learn about one of the most fundamental contracts a founder will sign – the Shareholders Agreement. This webinar is hosted by Shainul Kassam, Founder at Fortune Law who answers all your questions on shareholders agreement, voting control and founder protections.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How can a founder and/or their board keep management and shareholder control separate, how to control the composition of the board and the shareholder base, how to protect IP, commercial relationships and fend off anti-competitive behaviour.
  • How to handle minority protections, shareholder exit and entry, permitted transfers of shares and those that are prohibited, lock ins. If you are a founder how best to manage your directors duties, your shareholder rights and your employee obligations.
  • How to deal with deadlock at board level, weighted voting and a casting vote, forced exits, drag and tag and how the articles of association fit in with the shareholders agreement.

Shainul Kassam is a corporate lawyer and founder of boutique law firm Fortune Law specialising in advising entrepreneurs on commercial and corporate law matters. Her expertise covers general startup advisory, M&A, fundraising, and conflict resolution involving sensitive boardroom issues, international shareholder and partnership disputes. She is committed to advising early stage businesses both as lawyer and educator. She is an Honorary Practice Fellow of Imperial College, London where she teaches her own Law for Entrepreneurs course on their Executive MBA.

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