Trying to build your dreams into a scaleable business, but don’t have the cash at hand?

We’ve partnered with Robot Mascot, UK’s leading investment pitch agency, who’ve crunched the numbers, and it turns out less than 1% of pitches successfully raise investment. The average Angel Investor sees 10 pitch decks a week but makes just 2 investments per year, while VCs back just 1 in every 150 deals they see.

Over 80% of investors tell us that the communication of the idea is the biggest barrier to founders getting through the door and having meaningful conversations about investment. To be successful, entrepreneurs must do all they can to cut through the noise and grab investors’ attention. To get results, you’ll need a fantastic pitch.

In this on-demand workshop Robot Mascot co-founder James Church will take you through their winning methodology “The Six Principles of the Perfect Pitch”. It’s this methodology that is responsible for their clients being 40x more likely to raise investment than the average startup.

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