Want to know whether or not a business idea is worth pursuing? Are you trying to determine which investment will have the most impact on achieving your growth goals?

Knowing if an investment will likely result in a positive return helps you make informed financial decisions that will take your business further, faster.

We’ve partnered with Addition for another series of finance workshops, this time focused on investment, budget setup and cash flow management!

In this first session we talked all things ROI. Learn more about: 

  • What is Return On Investment, and why is it crucial for your business?
  • How to calculate ROI and interpret the results.
  • What alternative formulas exist?
  • Mistakes to avoid when calculating ROI.
  • Tech tools to support your ROI reporting.

This workshop is hosted by Addition, an outsourced finance business for start-ups and SMEs. They support over 200 small businesses with a full-suite of financial product offerings – from bookkeeping to growth funding. Addition’s flexible finance solutions include portfolio CFO services for scaling up – offering support with pitch deck creation, KPIs, budgeting, financial modelling and more.

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