Hungry for more knowledge on how to outcompete your market leader as a young challenger brand?

We’ve already covered the basics about adopting challenger brand thinking in workshop one and how to create communications that genuinely stand out in workshop two. In this third workshop, we dive into more details on how to become the Thought Lead in your category.

There are two kinds of Brand Leader in any category: the Market Leader and the Thought Leader. The Market Leader has the dominant share and the distribution, It’s just ‘there’. The Thought Leader is the brand in the category that everyone is talking about, which is seen to be setting or resetting the agenda in the category. They surprise you with behaviour that breaks the category’s conventions.

In this session, we cover the 6 types of conventions that you can break to become a Thought Leader in your category:

  • Representation – How to use the symbols of your brand (name, colours, logo, fonts, purpose etc.) to stand out from the pack. 
  • Medium – How to change how your product is presented and distributed to turn heads.
  • Product Performance – How to dramatise how your product performs to show it as altogether superior.
  • Experience – How to improve the experience around your product to wow customers and keep them coming back.
  • Neighbourhood and Network – How to create unexpected partnerships to reach new audiences and change the way people perceive your brand.
  • Relationship – How to change the relationship you have with consumers by removing barriers and making them reassess how they engage with brands in your category.

This workshop is hosted by °Small World, an agency that scales with your startup as it grows. They offer on-demand marketing by creating and managing teams from their proprietary pool of elite partner talent. It’s like hiring an agency without the nasty overheads. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. 

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