This year is a big one for us at Seedrs. We’re celebrating our tenth birthday in business.  

But that’s not the only milestone we’re passing. This month we also passed £2 billion — yep, £2,000,000,000 — recorded on our platform across 1,722 deals.

Our first £1B raised took us 8 years. To be celebrating the second two years later is testament to the strength of our community of investors and entrepreneurs (and all that during a pandemic!)

We have now given investors from 90 countries the opportunity to invest in businesses doing incredible work — and it’s those businesses that we want to celebrate today. 

While we can’t highlight all 1,722 deals, there are some fantastic campaigns that we’d love to share with you. We’ve highlighted a few below – but we also asked our team for their favourite campaigns, from the most creative to the biggest impact, that you can find here:

10 Standout Campaigns As Chosen By The Seedrs Team ›

THIS are the fastest growing plant-based meat brand in the UK — growing 333% YoY.

They’re disrupting the food industry at a scale and pace that is unrivalled, and we’re so excited to be on that journey with them. 

With a smart co-branding strategy in restaurants and 10,000 distribution points across the UK they’re well positioned to continue to grow their brand with the help of nearly 3,000 Seedrs investors.

English sparkling wine is on the rise with Chapel Down — cheers to that! 

Chapel Down’s relentless focus on their product and brand puts them at the forefront of the UK fizz revolution, and the Seedrs community agrees. They raised over £6.9 million in June 2021, after previously raising in 2014, bringing their total to £10 million in backing. 

That money app you might have heard about. 

Revolut are leading the UK fintech scene with their digital banking offering. It’s become the app to manage your finances, with everything from crypto to travel perks to investments. 

It’s always in demand on our secondary market — need we say more?

The growth of the secondary market

The Seedrs secondary market continues to go from strength to strength. Since launching in 2017 we have facilitated 50,000 transactions worth £21M. 

There have been over 700 companies traded on the secondary market to date, with over 200 currently traded each month.

Find out more about the Seedrs secondary marketplace here ›

Opening up access to VC Funds

In 2021, we introduced venture fund LP opportunities onto the platform, starting with a partnership with Passion Capital for its third fund

This move was a true step change for the industry, allowing retail investors to back VC funds for the first time. Seedrs investors hit the £1M target in just 20 minutes, showing the pent up demand for access to these investment vehicles previously out of reach to everyday investors.

After the success of their first round, we’ve just launched the SuperSeed Fund II on the platform for High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors. Find out more about how you can get involved on their fundraising page.

A thanks from the Jeffs, our Co-Founder and our CEO

We wouldn’t have reached these milestones without great leadership – first our co-founder (and now executive chairman) Jeff Lynn, and then our CEO (for five years and counting) Jeff Kelisky. When we shared the graph above, once they made us double check the numbers to ensure we hadn’t made them up, they shared their excitement for not only these achievements but what’s next. 

When we had the idea for Seedrs over a decade ago, we wanted to democratise private capital and remove the barriers that had long kept businesses from being able to maximise their fundraising potential as well as bring investment opportunities previously off limits to retail investors. It’s a testament to the strength of our community that 10 years on entrepreneurs and investors have thrived on Seedrs.

Jeff Lynn

These last few years have been exciting for us and with results to show for it, it validates all that hard work. Another huge event this year was announcing Republic’s acquisition of Seedrs, building a truly global private investment platform. It really is the most revolutionary time for Seedrs and I can’t wait for our next chapter.

Jeff Kelisky


We’re only just at the beginning of our journey, there are many more milestones to come. 

Here’s to the next ten years!