Reshma Sohoni is the Founder and Managing Partner of Seedcamp, a European seed-stage venture capital fund based in London. When it comes to financing, Seedcamp focuses on all things tech, with an emphasis on the European market as well as some firms in Israel, Asia, America, and Africa. So far, they’ve invested in over 300 businesses.

Reshma views herself as not being a natural entrepreneur prior to Seedcamp. She was only trying to break into the system as an immigrant in the United States, so she played it safe. She attended an IVY league school, graduated with an Investment Banking career, and went on to work for Vodafone a few years later. Reshma originally came to Europe to pursue her MBA in France, then relocated to London with the intention of returning to the United States after ten months, but she discovered a wealth of talent in Europe that piqued her attention. She was fired after feeling she couldn’t fit within the typical British corporate culture, which led to her founding Seedcamp.

Despite their success, Reshma encourages herself and her team to stay hungry, saying, “You do need to evolve and it’s a combination of you try to see the future a little bit earlier on and you react”.  Seedcamp’s mission is to be a long-term organisation, which means that they cannot get complacent. “We’d love to take some money off you,” their alumni would say, “but that package you had 10 years ago isn’t relevant.” Reshma understands that ‘staying hungry’ is the key to securing the top firms for Seedcamp, especially as the ecosystem evolves and competition increases.

We got the opportunity to chat with Reshma Sohoni on the Go Fund Yourself podcast about her life before becoming a founder, the early days and development of Seedcamp, and fundraising tips for founders. Reshma wants to help businesses fly, not baby them, as evidenced by the enthusiasm with which she gives this advice.

“You definitely need a core group, whether it’s your board or your investors that are going to dedicate a lot of time and energy to you. I encourage all entrepreneurs to find that, to build that relationship” 

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