G Force will provide access to their new EUR 20M fund, G-Force Fund II, at a much lower minimum ticket size, to allow their network and eligible Seedrs investors to participate in the fund and to build a community of investors and founders committed to investing to tackle the climate crisis.

You can register here for more information.

Why G-Force?

G-Force’s partnership with Founders Factory and being deeply embedded within the broader Founders Forum Family of companies provides the firm with access to high quality dealflow, a broad platform, and a vast global network.

  1. The fund is led by an experienced team of investors and operators with a track record of delivering early stage technology successes.
  2. Their grants team is set up to take advantage of the EU and UK grant offerings, to generate further equity free cash.
  3. Their strong track record of delivering value to current and alumni founders helps them attract and convert new founders.
  4. A proven programmatic fund, offering startups not only cash, but also bespoke hands-on operational support through the Founders Factory award winning programmes. 

There are 5 key areas of focus:

  1. Decarbonising the grid
  2. Fixing food and agriculture
  3. Electrifying transportation
  4. Cleaning up industry & buildings, and
  5. Protecting nature & removing carbon

Why now?

Clean Energy and Climate Technology are thriving! As of 2 January 2023, there are 83 Climate Tech Unicorns around the world who are now collectively valued at nearly $1T. In 2022, over a quarter of VC money was directed into climate tech startups, and Seedrs saw a +154% growth to £40.1m, with 58% more businesses raising from 37% more investors* (Seedrs 2022 sector report). 

In 2023, Clean Energy and Climate Tech have been the most popular verticals with Seedrs investors, with investment into Clean Energy growing 24% in H1 to £12M, led by rounds in Green Lithium and Solivus (a G-Force portfolio company) this year.*

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

G-Force Fund 1 portfolio

After reviewing over 1000 startups, they invested in eight, which spanned the full spectrum of climate tech and the themes they had selected to invest in. Their first portfolio includes:

  • Solivus—residential and commercial solar energy products and solutions to enable buildings to decarbonise 
  • Metalchemy—patented nano-particle solution focused on preserving food for longer, addressing the 8% GHG emissions that global food waste emits
  • Materials Nexus—AI modelling platform designing new materials and accelerating green materials research and development
  • Quiron—AI platform using satellite data to monitor forest threats (can predict forest fires within a 10 metre radius and 10 days before they happen)
  • Manna Insect—turning bio-waste into high quality insect protein for animal feed, using a container based, self-assembly, IoT AI system (The Manna Mind) 
  • Rebel Tech—building dark factories for electronic repair to become the world leader in repair automation
  • Powerex—AI-powered energy trading platform enabling virtual power plant customers to capitalise on “behind-the-metre” energy market
  • Climate Karma—Fitbit for personal carbon footprint to measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint

For G-Force Fund II, which opened in May 2023, they have so far made their first investment into ESG 360 – who are building the world’s most data-rich ESG platform that helps businesses comply with all regulations and mitigate ESG risks to enhance enterprise value. 

Other companies in their current pipeline that they  are in discussion with include, but are not limited to:

  • An image and data platform that uses thermography & AI to map how heat leaks in buildings, informing retrofit planning, pricing, and verification.
  • A green hydrogen generation company – cost competitive way of producing green hydrogen using biomass electrolysis.
  • EV mobility as a service – green/electric mobility as a service. They operate a fleet of rentable electric cars
  • Novel carbon sequestration – making carbon neutral construction materials from crushed rocks. 
  • AI driven recycling – multi-patented method recycling complex plastic waste products

Eligible investors can request more information HERE.