We’re excited to introduce you to our new payment method, Pay by Bank.

Pay by Bank is an innovative payment method giving you a fast and protected way of processing transactions with Seedrs directly from your bank, powered by Banked.com. 

The best part? 

There’s no need to set up an account or manually input your card details. The process is quick, safe and secure. 

How does it work?

Pay by Bank functions seamlessly via a Select, Connect and Approve model:

  • ​​Select Pay by Bank : at checkout
  • Connect to your bank
  • Authorise payment
Why are we introducing Pay by Bank?

We value simplicity and clear communication. We want all processes, transactional or not, to be transparent. Plus, your experience goes way beyond what you see online.

Banked provides a world class experience with biometric authentication, taking security and privacy to another level. You can trust that you’re in safe hands with a secure connection to your banking app of choice. Your bank details are never shared with anyone and there’s nothing to log into, you’re just ready to go. Banked have achieved this through enabling you to pay online via your bank account, streamlining checkout with no data entry required. 

You don’t need to only benefit from Banked with us, they’ve partnered with Bank of America to bring this feature to e-commerce platforms.

When investing in the businesses we showcase, there’s enough thought and effort going into making the right choice for you. The last thing you need to worry about is the technicality and security of payment.

That’s what Banked and Seedrs are here for.

It’s also a huge plus for the businesses you’re investing in. Pay by Bank offers a low cost payment method, so more of your money goes directly to the funds supporting that company. A win win for all. 

To learn more about Banked, visit their website here

*Note: this option is only available for GBP campaigns and UK residents.