Mindful Chef, the fast growth farm-to-fork recipe box brand, announced today that it will be acquired by Nestlé.  The sale of Mindful Chef to Nestlé also provides an exit opportunity for a majority of Seedrs investors.

Mindful Chef, which saw box sales soare by 300% during the pandemic, has raised more than £1million from 173 investors over two campaigns with Seedrs and Mindful Chef shares have been popular with investors on the Seedrs’ Secondary Market. 

This marks Seedrs’ 16th portfolio exit, having already seen 6 exits this year from Orbital Witness, ANNA Money, Courier Magazine, OfficeRnD, Igloo Energy and PodPoint. Each exit has generated positive investor returns across a range of sectors. 

Seedrs Chief Investment Officer, Kirsty Grant says: “We’re delighted for Giles and the Mindful Chef team. They’ve had a fantastic growth journey, particularly in the last 12 months, and it’s brilliant for Seedrs investors to realise a return on their investment.”

Tim Lee, Mindful Chef’s CEO, says: “We want to thank Seedrs and their investors for their support since Mindful Chef’s early days. They have joined us on our journey to making access to healthy eating as easy as possible and now reap the returns.”

James Murdoch, an active investor on Seedrs, said “It is great to see the news of a successful sale. Always useful to have examples of a successful exit. I am happy on my return on my remaining shares but congrats too to the investor who bought the other half on the SM last year – good result, I wanted to reduce risk and take some profit and the SM purchaser has done well. Again a good example of how the SM can be positive.”