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Introducing Frost and its innovative founder, who’s changing the game of digital banking. Frost is a fintech company that prioritises saving time, money, and the planet. This next-generation digital account is not only user-friendly but also FCA-authorised as an EMI. With their own core banking and transaction monitoring system, Frost provides an unparalleled banking experience.

One of Frost’s standout features is the intelligent automation of their Save Assist feature. This technology connects users to utility providers, enabling them to save an estimated £1,000 per annum on household bills. This automated approach to saving is just one way Frost is setting itself apart in the crowded digital banking market.

Frost also prides itself on being a green company. They are a carbon neutral company, and their green initiatives are at the forefront of their product development. The company’s roadmap includes a green savings account, auto-investing in green investments, and educating consumers on the carbon footprint of companies they purchase from.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the founder of Frost Money and how their innovative approach is revolutionising the digital banking space.

What inspired you to start Frost, and how did you come up with the idea for your business?

Frost really started when we began to witness inefficiencies in the financial sector. The first wave of fintechs were addressing big pain points but barely scratching the surface – and they weren’t climate conscious. 

That’s how we came up with Frost – a fintech with a clean slate, built from the ground up, to resolve people’s pain points that they tend not to have the time or willpower to deal with – as well as making it easier for them to make greener choices.

Tell us about the business – what it is, what it aims to achieve?

Frost is a carbon neutral digital account designed to help people master their money sustainably.

We enable our customers to save time, money, and the planet through intuitive in-app features that:

  •  Simplify tedious financial tasks 
  • Educate people on how to make their money go further
  •  Guide more sustainable spending with various green initiatives

All while offering a seamless day-to-day banking service. 

A couple of key features include Save Assist, which automatically finds cheaper and better energy plans than what users currently have, as well as Spend Management, which enables users to categorise their spending and therefore track, manage and ultimately save their money.

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Can you share some success stories from users who have used Frost to improve their financial situation?

We’ve already had positive feedback for the Save Assist feature, helping people to track their spending through our in-app analytics, and we currently have 13,000 users who are actively managing their money through Frost.

With the Cost of Living crisis affecting so many in the UK and beyond, we’re hoping that Frost will benefit thousands of people in our bid to save people time, money and the planet. 

Excellent bank! The energy switch and save feature is brilliant and has helped us save on our energy bill. Very impressed with the entire platform.

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What can you tell us about the market and how Frost is positioning itself for success?

There could not be a more important time to help people manage their spending, and manage their carbon footprint. Frost is well positioned to support both, and we feel now is the perfect time to allow investors to join our mission.

A big part of our business is also education: we’re focused on upskilling the end user on financial management, as well as the environmental implications of their choices. We believe this sets us apart, and will encourage our customers to not only make better decisions, but also become more loyal to our brand.

Lastly, the fintech market in the UK is one of the most advanced in the world. There is the infrastructure to support technological innovation within the finance sector, as well as an adaptive end user who is willing to try new and disruptive technologies. 

For these reasons, we think we’ve found an ideal place and time to grow our own successful fintech.

How does Frost support financial literacy and education for its users?

There’s a few ways in which we upskill our users. Our in-app features, such as Save Assist, help people to become more financially savvy. Our social media profiles and our newsletter regularly include content that adds valuable insights for our audience. We are looking to grow this community element of our brand as we scale.

What is your vision for the future of Frost, and how do you plan to continue improving and evolving the platform?

Becoming carbon neutral is just the start. It’s our ambition to help users save time, money, and the planet, and we’ll be keeping our community  updated on every green step we take.

We know that most people want to do your bit for the environment, too. So we’re expanding our features and launching some exciting new ones, to make it easier for everyone to make a real impact.

Later this year, you’ll be able to check the carbon footprint of the companies you purchase from, and even plant trees in your name for every friend you recommend via our in-app referral scheme.

We have huge ambitions for Frost. We already have everything in place to really make our mark on the UK market in the early years. Beyond then, we will look to roll Frost out to the European and, in time, global market. The solution we are solving isn’t location-specific – and the impact we can have on users is limitless as we build on the concept and deliver new features and innovations over time. This is a long-term plan for us and we are looking for people who share our vision and ambitions!

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If you weren’t building Frost, what do you think you’d be doing? 

Building something else – I have many ideas for businesses and how to make the world better. I am never sitting still – I’m always looking to solve problems and help those around me.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far building Frost?

Every day is a lesson! I’ve already learned so much about the fintech space and am excited to continue growing and developing, as we grow Frost as a brand.

As Frost continues to evolve and grow, we can expect to see more products and services that prioritise saving time, money, and the planet. With a founder who is passionate about sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Frost Money is on a mission to become a leader in the digital banking industry.

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