Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Splint Invest is revolutionising the investment landscape in Europe by providing a platform that enables private investors to invest in alternative assets easily, quickly, and securely. The company’s goal is to offer hand-picked investment opportunities from pre-selected and certified suppliers, ensuring only the best opportunities for private investors.

Since its inception in February 2022, Splint Invest has achieved significant milestones. The company has onboarded 14 validated suppliers and sold over 80 investment opportunities with a total value of over €2,6 million. With over 7,600 registered users and over 3,500 active users, the platform has gained tremendous popularity in a short time.

Behind Splint Invest’s success is its founder, whose vision and expertise have helped the company achieve its goals. Meet the founder and learn more about the company’s journey towards enabling private investors to diversify their portfolios with alternative investments.

What inspired you to start Splint Invest, and how did you come up with the idea for your business?

Everything started in summer 2020. My co-founder and I are not only former co-workers at PwC, but also friends. We had one thing in common: the passion for investing.

At one point, we realised that our portfolios were not diversified. Of course we always invested in EFTs focusing on different industries and tried to work with different currencies and regions. But in the end, everything was always highly correlated with the stock markets and the overall macroeconomic situation.

We did our research on diverse investment opportunities and came up with whiskey casks. We struggled to get an overview of all potential sources and realised that we needed to invest at least 40k EUR to start. Therefore, we decided to put some money in and to invest in 12 whiskey casks from an Irish distillery.

We talked about it with our friends and families and they all said the same thing: this is nice – next time you are doing that, I will chip in a few bucks as well. After a few weeks, we had a list with 30-40 interested people. This is how we came up with the business idea: fractional investing in alternative assets – fully mobile and digital – as easy as online shopping.

In December 2020, the idea had all the attributes required for a successful startup. The problem is relevant, the solution is doable but not trivial, the business model is scalable, and the market has been established yet it is far from being saturated. And the founder team is strong and brings most of the experience required to pull it off.

Can you explain how Splint Invest works and how it differs from other investment platforms?

Splint Invest is a platform to easily access alternative investments. We connect pre-selected, trusted experts of investment-grade-assets with retail investors.

We offer 3 services:
1. Validation of experts and investment opportunities (solving the trust and transparency problem).
2. Tokenisation of the ownership, allowing for low entry tickets of 50 EUR (solving the problem of high entry tickets).
3. Maintenance of a marketplace, where the tokens can be traded – as well as the possibility to export the tokens to any wallet outside the app (solving the problem of illiquidity).

As part of the technical implementation, we have developed a solution that is suitable for every user. Most users will be active exclusively within the app. For this purpose, we generate fungible tokens (called Splints) that represent the co-ownership of the underlying asset. The solution developed for this is fully automated and extremely affordable. It allows us to grow quickly and keeps the running costs extremely low. At the same time, compliance with regulatory requirements is guaranteed. Users who value being able to act independently have the option of transferring the Splints to a blockchain wallet outside the app at any time.

We support multiple blockchains to this end. We ensure that each Splint exists only once. Either in our central ledger or on exactly one of the supported blockchains. After the export, the user can take full advantage of the DeFi ecosystem and trade the Splints or use them as collateral for a loan, for example. The Splints can be imported and exported several times within the lifecycle. After maturity of the underlying asset, each user can transfer the Splints back from their wallet to the Splint app to claim the realised value in FIAT currency.

We are different from other investment platforms, because we focus on investments which are not easily accessible, like collectibles, private equity, venture capital or infrastructure. Additionally, we fully believe in transparency and information – that’s why we offer all available information in the app.

Can you share what you plan on doing with the proceeds and why right now is the right time to raise capital?

With the funds collected, we will achieve the following milestones:

  • 10.000 active users
  • Release the app with all features in the EU and UK
  • Unlock private equity as an asset category
  • Release the new features “multi-currency” and “auto-invest”
What is your vision for the future of Splint Invest, and how do you plan to continue improving and evolving the platform?

Our vision is to become the biggest platform in Europe for retail investors when it comes to alternative investments. That’s why we’re focusing on expanding across Europe and on adding new asset categories. The most important point is to reach a critical mass of users, in order to benefit from positive network effects.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I spend all my free time with my family (my wife Adrienne and my dog Jeff). We love to do sports, like running or hiking. Switzerland is great for both. Also, lots of Lego! I’ve been a big Lego fan since I was 5 years old. One of the latest sets I acquired is the Lego Lord of the Rings Rivendell set.

If you weren’t building Splint Invest, what do you think you’d be doing? 

Honestly, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Working for this project and making Splint Invest successful is the only thing I’m focused on right now.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far building Splint Invest?

It’s all about the team. A good team can achieve everything and less people but the right ones can achieve higher results. That’s why we prefer to focus on having a high density of talents.

Splint Invest is committed to providing its users with the best investment opportunities, and with its vision, expertise, and dedication to innovation, the company is well on its way to transforming the investment landscape in Europe.

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