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The music industry has seen a massive peak over the years. Despite the past fears of revenue plummets due to free music hosting and the new subscription services available to all, it’s gone in the complete opposite direction. The industry is reported to reach $41 billion by 2030

However, independent artists can still struggle to have their voices heard. That’s where Rude Records step in. Their aim is to sign the best artists in the world and amplify their voices to the world. 

We sat down with Ilich Rausa to discover his motivations behind the label and the vision for the future.

Talk to us about your career before creating Rude Records?

Before starting Rude Records, I had just started working in an indoor venue, the biggest in Italy. This role helped me understand how Artists could grow, go on tours and build an international following. From this, I decided to start a label and help independent bands make their first steps into the music business.

What is Rude Records and what challenge does it solve?

Rude Records is an international independent label which focuses on building a durable and diverse roster of talent and high-quality music, marketable on a global scale. We aim to get our independent Artists recognised on a global scale by using a vast network of partners around the world. 

The music industry is predicted to reach $41 billion by 2030. How is Rude Records making sure they stay relevant and at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry?

The music industry is growing for its 9th year in a row, which is something incredible. Projections say this growth is not going to stop for at least ten years. Our plan to maintain our strong international presence is to keep partnering with major labels. We’ve signed deals with Sony Music Publishing and The Orchard, a Sony Music company.

How do you differ from the ordinary music label?

I really think that being independent, but partnering with major labels, makes a significant difference. We’re quick and flexible, able to make decisions and pivot if need be. Yet we have a solid global network through Sony Music, which is only growing.

Could you tell us about some of your biggest achievements to date?

There’s been a few but undoubtedly the biggest were a Gold and Silver Record for Sum 41 and Set It Off sales in Europe and the UK. Billboard has also included rude Records in their 2021 International Power Players List. Another significant achievement is the deal with BMI in the US that makes Rude an American publisher. Rude Records is also on a mission to achieve a B-Corp status, being the first record label to complete the evaluation process.

How do you plan to create a scalable and profitable business model?

We plan to keep signing great artists, driving them to international success and acquiring existing catalogues. Rude Records actively considers the opportunities arising through NFTs and the Metaverse to capitalise on its comprehensive and diversified catalogue.

How did you allocate the funds from your previous rounds with Seedrs and what do you plan to do with the money you raise from this round?

Together with other resources, we’ve invested the funds from the first round to sign new Artists. We’ve also extended our global network of PRs and label managers. We project 60% of the funds raised from the new equity round to be invested in acquiring new talents and boosting the label’s catalogue. The remainder will be allocated to nourish new partnerships with promotional agencies, employ up-to-date digital marketing tools, expand the current publishing catalogue, and add new professionals to the team.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I like to travel a lot and to visit friends around the world. I’m also involved in volunteering when possible.

If you weren’t building Rude Records, what would you be doing?

Honestly, I’d be building another Records Label – ha! 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far building Rude Records?

If you like what you do, you’ve already succeeded.

Rude Records passion for uplifting the next generation of artists is infectious. To join them on global domination, register your interest here.