OfficeRnD, the Atlanta-based software solution provider, has just partnered with growth equity firm, Blue Star Innovation Partners. OfficeRnD helps flex space operators, landlords, property management companies and hybrid teams manage their flex or hybrid workspace. 

They have two core products: OfficeRnD Flex and OfficeRnD Hybrid. OfficeRnD Flex is described as a specialized property management and tenant engagement platform for coworking and flex spaces as well as landlords, whilst OfficeRnD Hybrid is a workplace management solution that helps companies manage a flexible workplace environment.

Seedrs investors invested in OfficeRnD via the Pi Labs Accelerator Fund in 2015 and have received a return on investment of 60x – one of the highest returns in the history of Seedrs! Pi Labs Accelerator Fund is Europe’s first property-innovation focused accelerator and was founded to identify and invest in the next generation of property related technology startups which have the ability to grow into the likes of Zoopla and Airbnb.

OfficeRnD currently serves 1200+ customers globally, and their team has grown from a small group to over 150 around the world with 6 international offices: three in the US, one in the UK, one in Australia, and one in Europe. With Blue Star Innovation Partners’ experience in scaling vertically-focused software businesses, OfficeRnD is now one to keep a close eye on. 

Congratulations to OfficeRnD and the Seedrs investors who could share in their success – a hugely positive outcome in what has been a turbulent year.

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