Seedrs, Europe’s leading private investment platform, is excited to announce its partnership with Outpace, a groundbreaking digital legal solution for startups powered by law firm Taylor Wessing.

As covered by Law360, businesses that are raising – or having previously raised – capital on the Seedrs platform can now access unparalleled legal solutions and advice from Outpace at a discounted rate with priority access enabling them to make business critical decisions quickly and effectively. This includes managing funding rounds, share options, EIS/SEIS, cap tables, and creating essential documents such as SAFEs/ASAs, term sheets, and IP assignments.

Seedrs has long since believed that all entrepreneurs deserve the resources required to succeed, regardless of their background or experience. This founding principle of the business aligns perfectly with Outpace’s mission to provide founders with transparent, self-service solutions backed by industry expertise. By offering founders access to Outpace’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, Seedrs will continue to support its community of entrepreneurs on their journey to success, especially in the face of challenging market conditions.

For startups looking to navigate the complexities of fundraising and legal compliance, the partnership between Seedrs and Outpace represents a beacon of support and guidance. In practical terms, the exclusive offer for startups raising or having previously raised capital on Seedrs is a discount of up to £500 on legal services regardless of the fundraising round size, plus zero charge for onboarding, including validation of existing cap tables, and no annual subscription fees.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this offer, please contact Gerard Frith, Entrepreneur in Residence at Outpace, at [email protected].

What’s more? We partnered with Outpace on a webinar to bring you guidance on the common pitfalls founders see with legals, and how this varies from Pre-Seed through to Series A. This webinar is great for any founders with questions around legal docs, processes and support and covers all business stages.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Myths vs reality: legal docs demystified
  • Leveraging late-stage and exit experience for Seed and Series A
  • Dodging bear traps: how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Founders, leavers, IP, and share options
  • GenAI: Revolutionising legal processes in your business

Download the on-demand webinar here.

About Taylor Wessing:

Taylor Wessing is a global law firm that serves the world’s most innovative people and businesses. Taylor Wessing has advised on many headline-grabbing investments in the last decade, and works with startups across all stages of their life cycle from ‘cradle to liquidity’. Taylor Wessing acts for many of the most high-profile investors – from prominent early stage funds and the biggest international venture capital firms to corporate investors and sovereign wealth funds.

About Outpace:

Outpace is a revolutionary digital legal solution for startups, powered by Taylor Wessing. It provides transparent, self-service platforms backed by industry expertise, enabling startups to make critical decisions faster and with more confidence.