Q: Who can access the Private Deal Room?

In order to access the Private Deal Room investors must be self-certified as a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor, according to the FCA definitions, and to access Introducer Campaigns investors will also need to certify as High Net Worth or Sophisticated under the FSMA definitions. 

These deals are accessible to eligible investors only because products may be more complex (e.g. funds), or limited information may be available (e.g. pre-emption), there is little to no verification performed by Seedrs, and therefore some degree of experience is required in order to perform their own due diligence. As such, these deals may not be appropriate for those who do not meet the definition of a High Net Worth or Sophisticated investor. 

You can read more about self certification and the different investor profiles, which provide access to more complex deals, and deals with limited information, in this explainer article

Q: What deal types are available on Private Deal Room?

An in depth description of each deal type can be found here, but the key headlines are:

  • Introducer Campaigns – angel invest directly into companies from £10k. These transactions occur offline and allow investors to take a far more meaningful and collaborative role in the growth of a startup than might happen during a standard Seedrs equity crowdfunding investment.
  • Private Offerings – invest in later stage companies, regardless of whether they’ve raised through the crowd before. We expect these more sophisticated investments to largely be available in pre-IPO companies, often via a Secondary share sale. If you’re an early-investor in a late-stage company and would be interested in selling your shares on Seedrs, submit your details on this page.
  • Venture Capital Fund LP Opportunities – invest in top VC funds, giving investors exposure to an actively managed portfolio of companies, vetted and supported by some of the best minds in venture capital.
  • Pre-emption Allocations – invest in existing Seedrs portfolio companies. Investors can either follow-on their initial investment in an earlier round, or if they missed the chance to invest earlier, investors can now access the limited additional allocation that becomes available when businesses raise further growth rounds following an initial primary fundraise on Seedrs, all powered by Seedrs’ innovative Nominee structure.

Q: What is the minimum ticket size on the Private Deal Room?

Ticket sizes vary by deal type on the Private Deal Room:

  • Introducer Campaigns – from £10k
  • Private Offerings – these will vary, but likely from ~£500
  • Venture Capital Fund LP Opportunities – these will vary, but likely from ~£500
  • Pre-emption Allocations – from £10

Q: What are the benefits of investing on the Private Deal Room?

An in depth description of the benefits can be found here, but the key headlines are:

  • More variety in investment opportunities
  • Redesigned campaign structure for angel investments
  • Reduced time pressure for some deals  
  • Greater access to early stage founders and information
  • Ability to make angel investments in companies directly (if eligible)

Q: Do all investments go under the Seedrs Nominee?

Introducer Campaigns allow investors to invest directly into a company, outside the Seedrs Nominee structure. 

For all other deal types on Private Deal Room, investments will be made through the Seedrs Nominee structure, which will administer the investment on behalf of investors. 

Q: I’m on Private Deal Room but can’t see any Introducer Campaigns, why is that?

In order to see Introducer Campaigns, you must be opted in as an Angel Investor. You can check if you’re opted-in in Profile Settings -> Investor Profile -> Private Deal Room access. In order to opt-in you have to confirm that you’re comfortable with being listed as an Angel investor, and self-certify as high net worth or sophisticated under the FSMA 2000 definitions. We will ask you for your mobile number so our Investor Relations team can set up introduction calls for you. 

Q: Where can I access my private shares?

Any shares purchased on the Private Deal Room, except for any investments made via an Introducer Campaign, will be visible in your Seedrs portfolio, alongside any equity crowdfunding or Secondary Market investments made through the Seedrs Nominee.

Q: How can I sell my shares that I bought on Private Deal Room?

The same rules apply to shares bought on Private Deal Room as those bought through a standard equity crowdfunding campaign.

If the shares have been purchased through an Introducer Campaign, outside of the Seedrs Nominee structure, investors will have to wait until the company IPOs or exits to realise liquidity. If approved by the individual company, there may be occasions when a secondary share sale can occur.

If the shares have been purchased under the Seedrs Nominee structure, they may be eligible for listing on the Secondary Market. Each individual company decides whether or not to allow shares to be listed on the Secondary Market – for example, see below – easyHire is allowing listing on the secondary market, the Zinc II Fund is not. If the shares are approved to list, investors may be able to access liquidity early by selling their shares to other Seedrs investors, depending on demand. 

Q: Are deals on the Private Deal Room EIS/SEIS eligible?

Some are eligible, others are not. If a business is eligible, you’ll see it on the campaign labels and on the full campaign page, as seen below:

Q: What are the fees for Introducer Campaigns?

For Entrepreneurs, there is a one off £1,000 set up fee, and a 3% success fee. 

For investors, there are no fees for investing into a business via an Introducer Campaign because Seedrs is not acting as the legal shareholder. 

Q: How can I list my startup on the Private Deal Room?

Entrepreneurs can apply to raise here. Once the form has been filled out a member of our Campaigns team will be in touch to discuss your fundraising options. 

Q: What are the criteria to list my startup on the Private Deal Room?

We will consider businesses from most sectors and stages, and all portfolio businesses:

StagePre-Seed to Series A
Round sizeFrom £150k +
Investor capacityMin £10k
RevenuesSector dependent, preferable
Tax reliefSEIS / EIS preferable
Company locationUK preferable
Lead time required3 months min

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