Market activity has stabilised, volume remains strong

Q3 saw activities maintain their previous form, £2m in completed transactions, July being a standout month with £972k sold and £541k of profits realised. Here is a full run down:

TransactionsBuyersSellersBusinessesSeller profit
Total / ave£2m590 /mth520 /mth197 /mth£961k

The number of traders finding matches and the volume of businesses being traded is all very encouraging. We haven’t seen the step change in growth we saw this time last year but we have seen consistent activity since then. 

We are about to begin a major initiative to update the portfolio tool which is a key hub in the secondary market journey. Please bear with us as we continue to work around the edges of the experience to improve it overall.

Live trading data as of 6th October, 1.30pm

Our market is currently open for trading and some early results can be shared, Key point to note here is that the market has been open just over 24hrs so these numbers will increase over the coming 6 days. 

We track daily transactions in the market and below you can see yesterday we traded £243k vs a 6month average of £362k. We then track this daily figure over the week as the market progresses. With it only being Wednesday today, you can see the figures are incomplete but the averages will give you a good idea as to how it typically progresses. 

Below are the top 20 businesses trading by volume in the first 24hrs. You can see Revolut is still popular this month though a bit off its previous trading activity. Eversend is a standout for selling out, any sellers out there? We can share that Seedrs has been selling at a price premium of 16% with, as of writing, still over £200k available at various price points. 

Last quarter cancellations as a portion of overall share lots have been running at a ratio of about 4/100, as of the current market we are tracking at about 2/100 cancellations at a value of about £1.8k. I am not expecting this number to vary significantly in this market but to reassure, we are tracking it and monitor it closely as we know it is an buyer pain point.

We can also track who is most ‘active’ in purchasing lots, here is a table of our top 10 this month (reminder: live data). 

It’s quite encouraging to see #8 in the list buying share lots across a number of businesses – clearly a portfolio builder and diversifying well.

As I type, the market continues to grow and tick-up so best get back to it. Best of luck trading.