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Yonder is a rewards credit card for city adventurers that aims to redefine what a modern credit card should be. It’s a product that’s on a mission to help customers build stronger financial futures through responsible use of credit, while rewarding them with the very best of their city. Yonder’s rewards program was designed following months of research, and enables members to redeem points at handpicked experiences across their city that refresh monthly.

In this blog, we’ll explore how Yonder is redefining credit cards for the next generation of consumers.

What inspired the founders of Yonder to launch a new credit card brand?

The concept for Yonder was born off CEO Tim Chong’s frustration with the struggle of accessing a quality credit provider as an Australian in London – despite a successful career and excellent credit score back home. While credit cards hold the key to building a credit score, securing purchase protection, managing cash flow, and numerous membership perks, Chong found countless customers were underwhelmed by the options available. The market size for ‘credit invisible’ customers who are underserved by current credit providers stands at 5 million people across the UK.

Yonder was born off the back of this, with the mission to restore consumers’ confidence in credit and to eliminate stress and complexity from the customer experience of using credit.

What are some specific benefits of using Yonder for young professionals looking to build a more secure financial future?

The UK’s credit card market size is huge, but it has been trapped in 1970s legislation and old tech for way too long. Recognising this broken system, Yonder has developed a modern credit card that offers something truly unique. According to YouGov, a mere one in two in five credit card holders actually value the rewards their card offers. Yonder itself is built upon extensive user-interviews with these individuals, with over 200 in-depth sessions with people who were fed up with their existing credit cards.

They have taken a fresh approach to credit card rewards, providing their members with a product that they actually want (and didn’t know they needed). Instead of making you earn points for years to get a flight to somewhere you don’t really want to go, you can use your Yonder points on some of London’s best bars and restaurants. Each month, this list of partners refreshes, ensuring there is always something new and exciting for you to experience. There’s no hassle with coupons or codes – you just simply tap your card when making a payment, and they take care of the rest.

In addition to being ridiculously easy to use, a Yonder card can also help you build financial stability for your future. By making your monthly payments on time, your responsible financial behaviour will be reported to Experian, allowing you to build your credit score. This, in turn, opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to access other vital financial services such as phone plans or mortgages in the future.

Moreover, as a credit card, they offer the added benefit of purchase protection under Section 75. This legislation ensures that any purchases you make over £100 are safeguarded in the event of a product defect or failed delivery. By using a credit card for such purchases, you gain an extra layer of protection, granting you peace of mind.

The Yonder card is also designed to be your perfect travel companion. It comes with complimentary worldwide family travel insurance and eliminates the burden of spending fees when used abroad. Imagine a “travel” credit card that charges you to use it overseas – not Yonder. Their aim is to make your travel experiences seamless and enjoyable, with that extra protection. In summary, the Yonder card is aiming to revolutionise the credit card market by addressing the shortcomings of traditional offerings. With a focus on tailored rewards, credit-building opportunities, purchase protection, and travel benefits, they provide a comprehensive solution for those seeking a credit card that truly understands and meets their needs.

How does Yonder promote responsible use of credit among its target audience?

Encouraging responsible use of credit is integral to Yonder’s mission and they have implemented many features to encourage its members to do so. Firstly, Yonder is one of the only credit cards that leverages Open Banking to determine eligibility. Open Banking is a powerful tool which can be used to gain detailed insights into a consumer’s spending habits and income which Yonder utilises to make more informed lending decisions. In addition to being useful to verify true affordability, it allows Yonder to look at consumers who do not have a credit file to gain access to credit purely on affordability and how they manage their money.

Your credit limit will be determined by Open Banking, which sets a limit that you should be able to afford to pay back. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with this limit, you have the freedom to lower it whenever you wish. All you have to do is message one of the team in-app.

Which brings us onto the next point, Yonder understands the importance of accessibility and support, which is why their dedicated team is available to chat with you 24/7 through the Yonder app. The well-trained team members are equipped to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have, and they typically respond in just a few minutes.

Many credit card providers make money through interest payments, therefore it is not in their best interest for their customers to pay their bill in full and on time. Yonder has multiple revenue streams and does not rely solely on interest from its members. Therefore, Yonder members can set up autopay on a monthly or fortnightly basis. If you do find you need to carry over a balance from one month to another, Yonder will display the exact cost of carrying that balance in pounds and as a percentage, allowing you to make informed financial decisions.

The Yonder app boasts a sleek and seamless interface. You can track your balance in real-time and transactions are sorted into categories. The app helps you stay in control of your spending and comfortably manage your finances, helping you understand where your money is being spent and encouraging you to only spend what you can comfortably pay back.

At Yonder, responsible spending behaviour is rewarded. They believe that when used responsibly, credit cards offer far more value, protection, and long-term benefits compared to debit cards. Their exceptional rewards program is designed to encourage its members to utilise credit responsibly whilst reaping the benefits it offers.

In what ways does Yonder differ from traditional credit card offerings, and how does this appeal to younger consumers?

It’s no secret that traditional credit cards have a bad reputation. Countless customers have felt let down by these giant credit card companies as they haven’t always had their best customers’ best interest at heart. Yonder is building a credit card that is transparent, fair and trustworthy with the mission of rebuilding young people’s relationship with credit.

Traditional credit card rewards are cash back and flights, which are notoriously hard to use. Yonder offers epic rewards that you’ll actually want to use at some of the best places around London. These Experiences change every month, so it is a great way to find new spots across the city. The average customer (£1,350 monthly spend) gets over £400 rewards value a year. Talk about making your money work for you!

They believe that credit card rewards shouldn’t be impossible to use, so have designed the Yonder app to be incredibly seamless. When you use your rewards, you just tap your card. There are no annoying QR codes or coupons or blackout periods or exceptions when you use your rewards. They don’t have different offers depending on the day of the week and don’t make you sit in some dark corner of a restaurant to use your points. The experience is seamless. Tap and go.

The whole Yonder Experience was built upon 200 user interviews that the company did before they launched back in 2021. Young people were fed up with the existing credit card options so they built it all again from scratch. Every aspect of the Yonder experience has been created based on the needs and wants of the consumer. With Yonder, credit cards are being reinvented to put you first and it’s easy to tell!

What role does technology play in Yonder’s approach to attracting and retaining customers?

Yonder recognises the paramount importance of technology in every aspect of its operations. From the application process to the seamless customer experience, technology is of the utmost importance.

Firstly, Yonder is one of the only credit cards that uses Open Banking to review your application when you apply. This unique approach ensures that even newcomers to the UK can obtain a Yonder card without the need for an established credit score. By analysing your spending habits upon application, they assess your eligibility and provide a monthly spending limit tailored to your needs.

The Yonder app itself has been designed to the highest standard. It is a beautiful in-app experience which is intuitive and easy to use. Using your points is as effortless as sliding a bar within the app. The process is seamless, making your rewards truly accessible at your fingertips.

They are constantly introducing new and exciting features and changes to their product. Recently, they have built a map that simplifies the discovery of Experiences, especially those in close proximity to your location. They have also introduced a new Send Points feature, allowing you to split the bill with friends by sending them points, being the first credit card to do so. In addition to the Experiences in the app, such as BAO, Crust Bros and Bancone, they regularly bring on different ‘Treats’ which are a lower redemption value. Where Crust Bros gets you £30 off your bill by using 1200 points, a Yonder Coffee gets you £5 off using only 250 points. Treats come in the form of Yonder Coffees, Yonder Pints, Yonder Lunches, and Yonder Sweet Treats. These collaborations extend to vendors with multiple locations, ensuring that your points can be enjoyed conveniently in various corners of the city. In addition to their new maps feature, redeeming your rewards has never been easier.

Excellent customer service is also something that Yonder wanted to prioritise when building their product. They didn’t want one of their members to be put on hold for hours and attempt to sort a problem with a robot. So they built a chat function in their app which allows you to connect with a real member of their team 24/7. They pride themselves on swift responses, with the team typically replying within a matter of minutes. Whatever you need assistance with, they’re there to support you every step of the way.

How has Yonder’s approach to credit card rewards and benefits evolved since its launch in 2022?

Before the launch of Yonder, the team dedicated themselves to conducting over 200 user research sessions with individuals who had grown frustrated with their credit cards. Through these sessions, invaluable insights were gained into the evolving expectations people had for financial services.

To ensure that they continue to meet their members’ needs, the team maintains an ongoing commitment to user research. They actively engage with their members, seeking their input on new product ideas and soliciting their overall feedback on the product. They have a slack channel with hundreds of their Founding Members and even organise events exclusively for members to create opportunities for in-depth conversations about the product.

As mentioned, they have introduced new product developments such as Send Points, Yonder Treats and their new Experience map feature. Many of these product enhancements and features are inspired by suggestions from members and they are always user-tested before they are launched. This collaborative approach ensures that the product is not only loved by Yonder’s members but also built entirely around their needs.

How has Yonder’s mission and offering impacted the broader credit card industry?

The credit card industry has long suffered from a negative reputation. Recognising the need for a significant shake-up, Yonder is determined to revolutionise the entire industry. Just as fintech companies have disrupted the current account and personal loans sectors, Yonder aims to do the same by completely transforming the way people perceive and utilise credit.

Yonder aims to empower people to use credit in a way that aligns with their needs and preferences. Their goal is for individuals to use their Yonder card like a debit card, only spending what they can afford to pay back and paying their bill in full each month. This provides individuals with the ability to responsibly build their credit scores while accessing a multitude of financial solutions and benefits tailored to their unique lifestyles.

While many credit card reward programs are still rooted in loyalty schemes that originated in the 1980s, Yonder’s approach to rewards is refreshingly different. Yonder has leveraged research insights to design a rewards offering that caters to the desires of their members. The rewards are carefully crafted to seamlessly integrate into members’ daily lives, making them both practical and easily accessible. They believe in simplicity, ensuring that the rewards are straightforward to use, eliminating unnecessary complications and frustrations.

Yonder is committed to challenging the status quo and providing their members with a credit card experience that is truly exceptional. Through their innovative approach to rewards, user-centric design, and a focus on simplicity, they are paving the way for a new era in credit card usage.

How does Yonder plan to continue serving the needs of young professionals in the future?

In addition to continuing to develop their product with the introduction of new features and excellent user experience, Yonder has exciting plans to expand to new cities across the UK, aiming to bring their innovative credit card experience to a broader audience.
Furthermore, Yonder is planning to expand their rewards offering beyond food and drink to include categories like well-being and fitness, sporting tickets, and theatre tickets to serve the evolving needs of members. This is something they’re already starting to do with Barry’s Bootcamp being a May Experience and Curzon cinemas featuring on the app in April.

Yonder is an innovative credit card company that is on a mission to shake up the industry with its unique approach to serving the needs of young professionals. With prioritising transparency and accessibility, Yonder is helping young professionals build strong credit profiles and achieve their financial goals. Learn more by checking out the campaign page.