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Velocity Capital Advisors are experts in the food and beverage industry. They’re known to back the likes of Wild Radish and Full Green. So when Raj Saxena, Managing Director, tells you “ZAG has the potential to do what Redbull did with energy drinks”, you know a brand is onto something. 

ZAG is a major disruptor in the NoLo alcohol market, recently launching into the hospitality industry. Their alcohol free drink is formulated from a blend of botanicals including kombucha, green tea and citrus. They’re passionate about creating a beverage that anyone can enjoy, is healthy and is current for the state of the world today. 

Sales of non-alcohol drinks rose sharply in the past year by 33.2%, totalling $331 million. IWSR, a drink market analyst firm, predicts the industry to grow by 31% by 2024. This rise is parallel with consumer demand which is only going up. 

Soft drinks can be full of sugar, overly sweet and very unhealthy. On the other hand, alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram. All which do not provide the vital minerals our bodies need to function. For the health conscious consumer, there’s a lack of options for a market that really needs them. In a British Nutrition Foundation survey, 62% of Brits made a change to their diet to get healthier over the past year. 64% of those are eyeing the nutritional information more closely when deciding what to consume. You can bet that a huge portion of those are the consumers contributing to the non-alcoholic spirit sales rise of 113.4%. ZAG benefits from the trend towards on-line sales and the advantages of tight consumer targeting from digital advertising, selling via its own website and Amazon.

A big part of this industry is customer satisfaction which ZAG proves, with customers taking the time out to leave reviews of their products:

Notably, ZAG has been featured in The Independent, Women’s Fitness and more for their advancements into the industry. To take their business to the next level, they’re raising capital on Seedrs for £180,006. Close to the finish line and just days to go, ZAG is excited to welcome new investors into their community and help them dominate the rising NoLo market.

How exactly?

With the funds raised, ZAG will be doubling down on their marketing activity to scale the awareness of the brand. They also plan to further develop new products and explore international licensing opportunities. 

If you’re interested in being a part of the ZAG story, check out their campaign here