Zypho is a Portuguese startup at the forefront of drain water recovery solutions, with a tech solution that cuts energy bills and lowers carbon emissions. This week it was announced that Aliaxis, a world leader enabling access to water and energy through smart fluid management solutions, is acquiring Zypho.

Zypho’s innovative technology sits underneath a bath or shower and recovers heat from waste water, improving the efficiency of showers by 30-75%. It’s ambitious startups with game-changing technology like this that are vital for reducing carbon emissions and protecting the future of the planet.

The acquisition will provide an exit opportunity for Seedrs investors, who bought shares in 2018, and will achieve up to 3.8x return on their investment.

A few words from André Fonseca, Zypho CEO:

Zypho was a start-up pioneer in the manufacture of innovative energy recovery solutions in the shower, so in 2018, when we decided to open a round with Seedrs, it turned exciting. It was crucial to receive the support of 429 investors, which allowed us to expand and reach new markets, and at the same time, continue to develop more innovative products during the next years.

In a difficult market, this is uplifting news, especially as it’s hot on the heels of the Cushon acquisition by Natwest Group earlier this year. It is also the first exit by a Portuguese business in the Seedrs portfolio – here’s to many more!

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