When investing, your capital is at risk.

According to Euromonitor research, the global meat substitutes sector is worth $20.7 billion, and is set to grow to $23.2 billion by 2024. 

Consumers in every corner of the globe are making conscious decisions in their everyday lives to reduce the amount of meat they consume, and the carbon emissions that result from it. Adopting a fully, or even partially plant-based diet is one of the easiest ways to reduce carbon footprint, and protecting the environment is a growing concern for millions. 

That passion for people, the planet and animals was what brought the four co-founders of Better Nature together. Prior to founding the plant-based startup, Christopher Kong, Amadeus Driando Ahnan-Winarno, Elin Roberts and Fabio Rinaldo were working in an array of different fields, from completing a PhD in tempeh fermentation to interning at McKinsey. The common ground between them was a passion for innovation, bold and brave brands and a will to do things in a different, better way. When Driando introduced the other founders to tempeh, a plant-based protein from his home country of Indonesia that’s made through fermenting soybeans, they knew they were on to something. Tempeh not only boasts high protein and fibre contents, it’s also full of micronutrients which carry long term benefits for gut health. Moreover, its versatility means it can take many forms, from meat alternatives to plant-based dairy.

Fast forward a few years, and Better Nature is taking a leading position in the plant-based market, with over 200 stocking points across the UK. The brand also recently launched with London-based recipe box brand Mindful Chef, which was recently acquired by Nestle, allowing their products to reach more than 30,000 households on a weekly basis. Better Nature has also now taken its place among Amazon’s top selling meat-free brands, and have shipped more than 6,400 to over 5,000 unique households to date, achieving over 150 5-star ratings in the process. 

Better Nature’s plant-based technology is both proven and patented, giving them the capacity and exclusivity to develop a suite of new products using tempeh fermentation in the meat-free, non-dairy and other growing markets. Despite being technologically advanced, Better Nature’s products are natural, nutritious and delicious. Every one of their products is completely free from artificial preservatives, flavourings and ultra-processed ingredients. In regard to taste, they have 5 international Food Tech awards including the “Most Innovative Plant-Based Food Ingredient Award” at Fi Europe (Europe’s largest ingredients tradeshow).

With the backing of Ascension Ventures, the startup’s driven research and development team is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and applications of tempeh fermentation technology. Improving the nutritional and taste profiles of their products is top priority, and investing in this area is how the brand intends to take a leading edge over competitors in the market. By late 2022, they plan to launch a new and improved range of products, starting with their Better Burger. Better Nature also has international expansion in sight, with part of the proceeds from this round dedicated to moving into new strategic markets such as Germany, and beyond. 

Better Nature’s crowdfunding round just closed, with over 350 investors involved and more than £1.6M raised!

To check out their products for yourself, visit their website.