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Entrepreneur Tom Lock first started building The British Snack Co. in his mum’s kitchen, experimenting with pork scratchings. It took a lot of trial and error to find the right recipe, but once he had it, the rest was history. 

From its humble beginnings at home in Kent, The British Snack Co. first started selling that very recipe to local pubs and small venues. Fast forward to today, and the brand has sold over 8 million units of its range of quirky, British snacks to consumers across the country. It’s also brought on board over 1,200 investors through various campaigns on Seedrs, which have raised over £700k collectively. 

In the UK alone, consumers spend over £3.2 billion per year on snacks, but they’re no longer reaching for the same behemoth brands they were a decade ago. Today’s consumers increasingly favour craft brands with character that champion natural ingredients and a planet-friendly ethos. The British Snack Co. has mastered all of the above. The majority of their snacks, from their crisps to popcorn are completely free of allergens and vegan-friendly. The startup is also working diligently to ensure that all its products are not only diet and lifestyle-friendly, but also environmentally-conscious. With the proceeds raised from this round, The British Snack Co. aims to completely transition to 100% compostable packaging and achieve its certification as a registered B Corp.

Commitment to people and the planet isn’t all the brand has demonstrated this year. Despite the unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic, The British Snack Co. upheld its listings in some of the UK’s largest pubs, bars and supermarkets, all whilst rapidly growing its direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales both online and on Amazon. In fact, the startup was uniquely positioned at the onset of the crisis as unlike most companies in the food and beverage space, it manages a portfolio of subsidiary brands that serve to effectively target different sectors with different products. As such, The British Snack Co. was strongly positioned to quickly adapt to changing consumer behaviour and preferences when it mattered most. 

For the last year, Tom Lock has been working with his team on developing key promotional partnerships with buyers in the hospitality industry, in order to grow out-of-home sales channel post-lockdown, and support local pubs, bars and cafes recover from the crisis in the process. Even as the UK begins to reopens, the brand’s D2C channel is anticipated to continue to grow, and generate around 10% of total sales.

For the foreseeable future, The British Snack Co. is focused on hiring new top talent and investing in strategic product development. The funds raised in this crowdfunding round will be pivotal in accelerating the growth of its sales channels and driving customer acquisition.

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