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According to the NHS, at least 4 in 10 people suffer from at least one digestive symptom at any one time. Whether related to diet, lifestyle or other factors, digestive health is a huge driver of health and happiness at every age – and can have a profound impact on quality of life.

So why do so few of us have a clear picture of the state of our own digestive health? Hydrogen breath testing is the most common way to analyse your gut health, and it’s available in the best hospitals in the world – but the process of scheduling appointments, carrying out tests and working with diagnosticians to identify the root cause of symptoms can take months. FoodMarble has taken a previously complex and expensive testing method and made it simple and accessible, for the millions of people around the world who suffer from digestive symptoms. Their technology AIRE is a portable breath test device that not only fits comfortably in your pocket, but connects to an app on your phone, meaning for the very first time, you have the capacity to analyse your body’s unique response to trigger foods and lifestyle factors in real time, all the time.

After taking a breath test using the device, results appear almost instantaneously on the app, allowing you to track reactions and analyse your personal health trends over time. If something in your diet is troubling you, FoodMarble can help you identify it. Their food library allows you to view the carbohydrate components in different everyday foods that you may be unable to digest properly, so you can determine those which may be triggering changes in your gut health, and make adjustments to your diet. The tiny, powerhouse technology takes the guesswork out of eating, allowing users to design a diet that works best for their bodies, so they can live life to the fullest without the burden of poor gut health.

As the addressable market size suggests, FoodMarble’s technology was in high demand from the very beginning. Prior to the product’s initial launch, over 8,000 pre-order backers pre-paid a total of almost £1 million to be among the first to receive a device. Since launch, the brand has successfully sold to nearly 20,000 customers across the UK, Ireland, US, Australia, New Zealand and mainland Europe. With even more product iterations to come, including a second generation device, planned clinical device and subscription service, FoodMarble is just at the start of a promising pipeline of innovations in healthtech.

Moreover, FoodMarble has the backing of credible institutions and organisations in the health research space. The startup is independently clinically validated by a leading digestive health research group out of Auckland University, and is running an ongoing Clinical trial at Johns Hopkins (Maryland, US), one of the top research hospitals in the world. This trial will serve to validate their next-generation clinical offering. A number of established US gastroenterologists also sit on FoodMarble’s advisory board, helping drive key decisions for the brand as it expands internationally. 

FoodMarble has already raised over £2.2 million on Seedrs to help power their next phase of growth, including the launch of their clinical, MedAIRE, in the US and UK. Proceeds will also be dedicated to the launch of their second-generation device, which will offer a deeper analysis of the breath, and further developments in AI to build out a lifetime digital gut health analysis companion for users.

To find out more about FoodMarble, visit the pitch now.