When investing, your capital is at risk.

Ringing in 2021 felt a little different for all of us this year. But if the mayhem that was 2020 taught us anything, it’s just how important it is to care for our health, the health of those around us, and our planet.

So in the spirit of moving forward, we’ve put together a list of some of the incredible startups that will make it easier to keep up with your resolutions, and conquer 2021 with positivity and mindfulness. 

Here’s where to look if….

You’re trying veganism

? allplants: £4,503,887 raised from 1,857 investors

For ready-made, hassle-free vegan meals, try allplants. They’re making it easy and exciting to eat more plants, and less meat, with delicious, chef-made meals delivered to your doorstep.

? TheVeganKind: £669,188 raised from 2,085 investors

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be tough, especially when you have access to a marketplace of vegan products at your fingertips. Choose from a range of vegan products, or start a  subscription so you always have what you need delivered right when you need it.

THIS™: £4,476,520 raised from 1,844 investors

You can love meat and the planet at the same time. Founders Pete and Andy do, and that’s why they created plant-based meat that you wouldn’t even know wasn’t meat. If you don’t believe us, a truckload of food bloggers and critics couldn’t even tell the difference in a blind taste test. Go nuts, THIS™ is a guilt-free zone.

Livia’s: £1,938,036 raised from 1,399 investors

So you’ve got a sweet tooth. No big deal, Livia’s range of guilt-free, free-from desserts can satisfy all your cravings and help you do your bit for the planet. You can pick them up in 3,200 UK stores including Tesco and Waitrose. 

Farmstand: £837,920 from 375 investors

For those in a sometimes-vegan situation, Farmstand is a great option. The brand is reinventing the way people eat in the canteen and outdoor markets with an all-day, international offering that’s flexitarian and 100% customisable, so you can do the vegan thing whenever you want to, no pressure.

You want to shop more consciously

?️ ByRuby: £288,243 raised from 191 investors

ByRuby’s ready-made meals are not only delivered straight to your door, they’re made entirely with British free-range or organic meat and sustainably sourced fish from British waters. Their vegetables are even delivered fresh from Covent Garden Market every morning.

?️ Bambooloo: £153,598 raised from 193 investors

If you’re looking out for more ethical products, check out Bambooloo. Their range of planet-friendly products include everything from cleaning products to bathroom tissue. That way when you’re using home products you can rest easy knowing you did your part.

?️ The Cheeky Panda: £5,602,554 raised from 1,834 investors

The Cheeky Panda’s 100% ultra sustainable, low-carbon, bamboo-based tissue products have taken international markets by storm, and for good reason. They’re kind to your body, kind to the environment and come in totally heartwarming packaging.

?️ YAYZY: £746,003 raised from 1,002 investors

Do you know what your carbon footprint is? If not, you can track the impact of all your spending and investments with the YAYZY app. Every time you tap your card, you can instantly make up for it using carbon offsets, and learn more about making sustainable choices.

You’re trying to drink a little less

? Big Drop Brew: £617,566 raised from 716 investors

If you love beer and want to curb your alcohol consumption, Big Drop makes a seriously good zero-proof brew. They’re also gluten-free, low in sugar and some are even vegan-friendly. Triple threat.

? One Year No Beer: £1,815,980 raised from 511 investors

Sometimes all it takes to limit your alcohol intake is a little encouragement… from a community of over 70,000 people worldwide trying to curb their drinking. For tips and tricks on positive thinking and how to develop a healthy relationship with alcohol, give One Year No Beer a go.

You want to care for your mind and body

❤️ People Matter: £321,700 raised from 177 investors

The lines between work and home are blurred right now, and that means we need to care for our mental health now more than ever. People Matter’s app Okina is like a fitbit for mental wellness, helping you measure and improve mental resilience, and spot risks of burnout. Be kind to yourself this year.

❤️ FoodMarble: €2,510,130 raised from 339 investors

Digestive health is a big part of holistic health, and FoodMarble’s digestive tracking device gives you all the tech of hospital-grade breath testing, but pocket-sized and integrated with your smartphone. Find out what works for you, and design the diet that makes you feel your best.

❤️ TV.FIT: £2,208,212 raised from 340 investors

The gyms might be closed for a bit, but fortunately all you really need to maintain an exercise routine is some floor space, your own body and a little guidance. TV.FIT has over 100 hours of health and wellbeing content from global fitness experts that you can access from 66 countries worldwide.

❤️ TINT. Yoga: €314,182 raised from 136 investors

Founded by Young Ho Kim, one of Europe and Asia’s yoga superstars, TINT was created to bring people around the world together to learn yoga, no matter their ability or where they are in the world. Life moves fast, it’s ok to slow down and breathe.

And if your resolution was diversifying your portfolio with investments in high-growth, private companies, you’re already in the right place.