When investing, your capital is at risk. 

The financial services industry has undergone an incredible overhaul in the last decade, with challengers emerging to provide better alternatives to the status quo. Wealth management was once a luxury available to the ultra-rich, but with the likes of Infinity Circle shaking up an age-old industry, this is no longer the case. 

Infinity Circle was founded on the assumption that industry incumbents were overwhelmingly unexciting, lacked transparency, and only sought to support the few with deep enough pockets to pay for their services. In retaliation, they created a fully independent, hybrid wealth management platform that unlocks financial benefits for everyone.

We sat down with founder and CEO Elisabeth Dana to find out what’s in store for the business, and how this crowdfunding round will help them get there.

What is Infinity Circle’s vision?

Our goal is to become the “go to” wealth management digital solution globally. The future Apple of wealth management.

What inspired you to start the company?

I have worked in the financial services industry for close to two decades and have seen the conflicts of interest and the pitfalls of the trade. That’s precisely what inspired me to create an independent, easy to use, seamless, educational and fun digital ecosystem and community to serve and empower private clients in optimising their wealth.

What’s wrong with the wealth management industry and how is Infinity Circle’s solving it? 

The current wealth management industry is dull, full of conflict of interests, uninclusive (you need between £3 & £10 million in liquid wealth to become a private banking client) slow, bureaucratic, and expensive. Infinity Circle on the other hand, is designed to be fun yet robust. It’s FCA regulated, faster, cheaper, and will enable clients to join the vetted community regardless of their level of wealth.

Who is Infinity Circle’s target customer and what is the plan to acquire customers at large scale? 

Aspirational and wealthy, global clients are Infinity Circle’s main target clients. This represents a $30 trillion global market, according to the Wealth-X 2020 Report.

The marketing strategy to acquire customers at a larger scale is critical, which is why we are allocating 30% of the current raise to a hybrid digital marketing plan. This strategy will be a combination of network effects, omnipresence digital marketing strategy, and physical thought leadership and connecting events (quality over quantity) once we free ourselves of the current Covid constraints.

What has growth looked like to date? 

Infinity Circle is a hugely ambitious project which has been the focus of my work since 2016. This year Infinity Circle will launch version 1.0 of its bespoke Infinity Tech(™).

The most important achievement to date is that we hold an FCA regulated entity through which Infinity Circle will operate at launch; we are building a fantastic team and that we will be the first in the market to deliver a one-stop-shop hybrid wealth management solution. As we grow,

the primary challenge will be to make the best possible moves every step of the way.

What are you looking forward to most about this crowdfund? 

This is our first crowdfunding campaign ever. The reason we absolutely wanted to be on Seedrs was to introduce Infinity Circle publicly and get the crowd on our cap table and also hopefully as on board as users in the future. Infinity Circle is our life’s work and our hope is that it continues to grow as we build out our team and transform every user into a savvy investor and helps bridge the divide between those who have access to financial opportunities worldwide and those who have not.

When you’re not working at Infinity Circle, what are you doing? 

I love people, meeting friends, my network and meeting new people constantly. I am passionately curious about others.

What’s the biggest hack you’ve learned in starting a business?

I had no idea how much being successful as an entrepreneur requires self confidence and self love. The biggest hack I learned was how important it is to take care of yourself, respect yourself, your values, and your integrity in order to deliver on your version of success for the company.

What’s been a silver lining of lockdown?

With no doubt, the digital acceleration and the paradigm shift to a world where technology will be embedded into everything we do.

To find out more about Infinity Circle, visit the pitch now.