Following on from Seedcamp and Passion Capital, today we are delighted to announce our next VC fund partner, Zinc.

Backed by Localglobe, Atomico and LSE (Techcrunch), Zinc was founded in 2017 by Saul Klein, Paul Kirby and Ella Goldner as a venture builder with a clear objective: To be the best place in the world to start a new business that solves real problems at scale, tackling 4 key missions:

(1) mental and emotional health; 

(2) the environment 

(3) the impact of automation and globalisation; 

(4) the quality of later life.

Unlike the traditional VC model, Zinc’s venture-building programmes enable founders to join Zinc pre-team and pre-idea, providing them with access to co-founders who are equally driven by the same mission, a full range of top experts, pre-seed and seed investment, R&D and science support, access to grant funding and personal development programmes (coaching, peer-to-peer support).  

Having built and funded more than 30 companies since 2017, Zinc has created an incredible ecosystem of founders, advisers, investors, institutions and corporates, with 100 visiting fellows (active experts) per programme and a community of over 10,000 members who participate in events, engage with their founders and support their portfolio companies. 

The talent they attract is also very diverse, with the majority of their ventures having a female founder; and a third of the founders on their programmes have been non-white. The demographic diversity is also matched by the diversity of career backgrounds and founder age, attracting-in talent that is much broader than the usual tech start-up scene.

Zinc’s portfolio includes ventures such as Tuune, providing personalised contraception solutions based on hormonal profile, Bellevie care  – a new model for social care that creates sought-after jobs for carers, and Stella, an on-demand therapeutics solution for women going through menopause, to name a few.

With the backing of top European institutions, HNWIs , and now Seedrs,  they will run 7 venture building programmes, supporting a total of 500 Founders and backing 100 of the new mission-driven companies with pre-seed investment. 

To receive more information, please visit here to sign up for an account to Seedrs.