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There’s no question that the pandemic has changed much of the way we operate in our daily lives. However, it didn’t stifle people’s desire to continue learning. Google searches for ‘online learning’ in the UK surged 187% during 2020. 

Not only were people looking to learn something new to weather global lockdowns, but in the after-effects of a crisis unlike any before it, many workers are finding themselves needing to reskill to fit within a job market that looks very different than it did in 2019. In fact, McKinsey Global Institute estimates that as many as 375 million workers will need to switch occupations or re-skill by 2030…that’s 14% of the global workforce. Educational platforms and institutions are preparing to meet this demand, and many believe that the online element, at least in some respects, is here to stay.

The global e-learning market is on target to reach $375B in value by 2027, and platforms such as Learned.Live are carving out important niches within it that appeal to modern learners in a digital world. At the beginning of the pandemic, when his entertainment business was forced to close overnight, founder Johnathan Reynolds’ started teaching English as a foreign language online. He quickly realised that this was a unique opportunity to share his other passions with online audiences of all ages. Fast forward a year or so, and Learned.Live has become a full-suite, interactive, live learning platform, offering instruction via Zoom to adults throughout the UK. Better yet, the solution isn’t only formulated for individuals looking to acquire new skills, it’s also designed for SMEs, to stay competitive and keep their employees engaged and improving.

Its B2B offering will become an important revenue stream for the startup as it grows and scales. Between 2008 and 2018, the corporate e-learning market grew by an astounding 900%. Now, with remote work on the rise and more companies adopting hybrid environments to cater to an increasingly global employee base, the need for cross-functional learning platforms is greater than ever. Over 1,320 users are signed up and using the Learned.Live platform so far, which offers 284 courses broaching a range of topics including business and finance, arts and culture, languages, life skills and much more. The platform has onboarded over 160 approved teachers and seen a 95% increase in its social media following in the last year, despite minimal marketing spend. Moving forward, with a strong business model in place to create and capture value within the e-learning market, Learned.Live anticipates its revenue split to be 60% to 40% for B2B and B2C initiatives respectively.

Learned.Live just launched its Seedrs campaign, which has raised over £142,000 so far, and it has big plans for the funds. Moving in 2022, the startup aims to invest heavily in marketing, PR and sales, as well as technology and product innovation to continue improving its user experience. The team will also be focusing on securing new partnerships with coaching organisations to build out its offering both for individuals and businesses. 

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